Wrist soreness?

Hello all,

My 9 y.o. son pitched his first game of this season yesterday. He threw 47 pitches over 3 innings, allowed 2 hits, walked 2, struck out 5. He said he had no arm soreness but I noticed during the game, more toward the later part and after his outing, he kept moving his wrist. I asked him about it. He said his wrist was sore from snapping it while pitching. We throw a lot together and this is the first I heard of him having pain. I apologize if this sounds stupid. But are you supposed to snap your wrist and if so is this pain normal? He threw very hard, probably the hardest I’ve seen him pitch and again he is small framed. He said it was fine today though we haven’t thrown yet.

Thank you for your time

Sounds like nothing more than soreness from doing something he wasn’t used to doing. So, from that standpoint, a little rest and he should be ok.

But, he probably got into that situation because he hadn’t prepared to pitch that much and that hard. I’m guessing that the throwing you had been doing had not been at that intensity level. Throwing a bullpen once or twice a week and doing long toss for a month or two before the season started would have helped.

As for snapping the wrist, don’t have him consciously try to do that. Make sure the rest of his mechanics are in order and the throwing hand should take care of itself.

Thank you for your reply. Next time I will long toss with him before the start of the season. We do a lot of throwing but not much long toss though his coach has had him tossing in practice. His mechanics seem o.k. as long as he keeps his lower body slow and doesn’t get too amped up.