Wrist position

put both arms out straight infront of u and make a fist with both hands

then with your throwing hand try to make the front of ur throwing arm fist face ur other fist without moving ur arm or anything

then rotate ur fist 45 degrees clockwise

thats how i release my ball


So I’m rotating my wrist a full 135 degrees clockwise? What pitch are you using this release for? From what you described, it seems like your hand is facing up on release. If so, then yes it is bad for you.


my wrist is like this: \

and the wrist is causing the ball to tilt horizontally counterclockwise

sorry… im bad at explaining

its funny you say you throw like that since bill lee told me that was how he used to throw his sinker when i saw him at the annual baseball expos old timers game. he said he gripped 2 seamer and tilted his wrist like that then you just fire it and hope the guy doesn’t rocket it too far. the guy is funny.