Wrist/Hand speed workout

How do you increase your wrist/hand speed I have heard about this in the past and know about nothing at all about it beside it’s a workout. So I would like to know if anyone has a wrist/hand workout and can tell me the pros/cons and hpw it increases the wrist/hand speed?

I hope to add more to my workout since I do not have much wrist exercises that I know increase the speed of the hand.

Are you referring to dry throwing motions with a weighted band on the wrist?

idk if that’s it but all I know is there are workouts for increase hand/wrist speed and I don’t know about them at all.


RIstar has been after me for a few weeks to give him some drills that I have that are designed to improve wrist speed.

Wells it’s not just you but I have heard this before does anyone know what it is or can tell me about what it is?

You need to be more specific about what you are talking about. Do you mean the wrist action on the end of a pitch, the little downward action as you release? That is called wrist flexion.

Are there any workouts that increase the speed of the wrist and forearm?

What are some good forearm exercises?

What are some good forearm exercises?[/quote]

Hold onto heavy stuff…

Seriously that is probably the best way to improve grip and forearm strength.

If your looking to improve wrist flexion power I guess you could do some wrist curls, although i don’t know how useful those things actually are. I don’t think it would be anything noticable in terms of velocity.

Okay RIStar. Get two dumbbells, at least 50 pounds. Hold them at your sides and start walking. Keep going til your grip gives out. This is called the farmer’s walk and it is a maker of men.