Wrist Exercise Weight?

How heavy should the wights be when I do wrist curls and extensions?

They should be 2-5lbs. I use 3lbs, and I usually end up sore when I’m done.

If available, try attaching a weight to a rope and then attatching the rope to a little wooden cylinder. Twist the cylinder to bring the weight up…Really destroys the forearms.

I understand a maritime fellow came up with a similar forearm development program utilizing the the miraculous powers of spinach


He seems to have discovered a theruputic female bathing method also…but man is his forearms buff or what.

try what TropicalJoel said; really works.

but for traditional wrist curls I do 3-5 lbs.

Hold heavy stuff and do plate pinches. (Turn two 10s against eachother and hold them from the outside)

Odd object training also helps significantly.

But seriously a deadlift will help your grip strength more than any wrist curl. I remember when hanging onto a couple hundred pounds was taxing on my grip. Lots of heavy lifting later… 375lbs at lockout is not a problem in the least to hold onto.

Snatch grip deads will crush your grip like nothing else.

God, it must take over 100 reps with 3-5 lbs to feel any burn at all when doing wrist curls. I use 15 lbs for wrist curls, maybe 3 sets of 20-30 and I feel fine afterwards. For wrist extension I use 8lb dumbbells, maybe 3 sets of 10-12. I also do the weighted forearm rop twists as mentioned before, and the elbow circuit mentioned in tuffcuff. Forearm curls and reverse curls with a curling bar also help. In addition I have a gripmaster that I use occasionally.

If anybody wants a copy of my workout, just PM me, or send me an email at digitaldude6745@yahoo.com. My workout is based off of Tuffcuff, but I incorporated more balance exercises, and some of the exercises from Dick Mills functional training DVDs.