I am in a U12 cal ripcan leuge. Yesterday the other teams pitche just devastated us. He struck out almost everyone . He was unhittable. We scored a run cause of walks but we only had 1 hit in 5 innings. My friends dad clocked him and said he was throwing 77

we faced a kid that was throwing that hard when i was 12. we lost that game i think the score was like 6-3. some dude on my team hit a homer only because they pulled the pitcher and put another one in. where do u live?

massachusets u

when u face someone like that try to wait for a pitch outside u should be able to hit a bloop or a linedrive to the opposite field.

This year my Son played and pitched for the first time and he had a great year. most kids just didnt seem to be able to hit off of him and when they did, he just went on like it never happened.