There are 2 kinds of people I dislike. One of them is terrorist the second is people on this site who leave small replies just so there user rank goes up. There is one person (not naming names) who averages about 3 words per reply. And most of his answers are “lol” and “practice” or “good post” or even “realy” and yes he spells it like that.YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! ITS SPELLED R-E-A-L-L-Y. Sorry for my little rant the regents exams are getting to my head. STUPID ALGEBRA

I just looked more one of his replies was “…”…thats it…I know weird right? Come-on buddy get with the program.

Don’t worry about him, man you are above this nonsense. You know it’s not right to do that and it’s quite pointless to do in the first place. You don’t gain respect by user rank you get respect by posting intelligent, helpful and informational posts. You don’t need to worry about anyone else doing something wrong if you know yourself that you won’t do it. This rant is something that didn’t need to happen and you probably didn’t think it over before you posted about it.

I know you are a nice kid Kaz but you need to stop worrying about what other people do on this forum (unless it directly affects YOU) and just follow the rules yourself.

Word! :mrgreen:

Oh wow Roger real mature :smiley: Whats that bring you up to 2925 posts :smiley:

realy? Sometimes the simplest replies are the best.

So terroists and this guy…? :shock:
As Col. Potter from MASH once advised…drop your drawers and take a slide on the ice.
Kaz your team is kicking butt…Life has to be good :wink:
For me I’ve been waiting 100 years (Well not me personally…). Florida for some reason can figure this out…

Even though my team is kicking butt,people still amke fun of me at school for liking the Rays. (Sigh) I guess it will stop when we beat the Cubs in the World Series and I start picking on them.

Well they have to do it first…

thats if the rays or the cubs make it, and i both say they have a very slim chance. unless the rays get griffey jr.

Spoken like a true Yankee fan…

My Cubbies have the best record in MLB currently…you got Joe Girardi :lol:

it would be great to see an all chicago world series :slight_smile:
and even better if the white sox took home the championship :smiley:

You American League lovers… :roll:
They actually play baseball in the National League…pitchers are required to hit also…they hit and run, steal bases…We Cub fans have been patient, we have waited for our turn to come back around…100 years is fair…the wonderful thing is we still have many months to play :smiley: It will be fun.

I laid a sac bunt the other day. I was one step away from a bunt for hit.

i stole 5 bases since the start of the season. :smiley:

Stupid NL, Wang got hurt because of NL rules, the NL needs to get with the times.

Even though I’m a diehard Yankees fan, my prediction for the WS does not involve them. I believe it’s gonna’ be D-Backs vs. Angels with the D-Backs taking home the championship.

I am conflicted here…should I dis you by saying…

Do you want some cheese with that there WHINE there Pustulio old boy?


You’re from WYOMING…we can only hope you get some sense and move!!!

What do you think?

Headlines read…“Dang, Wang couldn’t hang…” :wink:
I got a million of em :lol: …please tip the wait staff, I’m here all week…

That hurts JD that hurts, now I’m gonna’ go cut myself, or go slaughter a cow I don’t know right now. :frowning:

Just trying to prepare you for manhood there Norbert…You want owww try being a Cub fan for 40 years…including losing the pennant the last day of the season in 1969 to the stinkin Mets!!!~!!!~! Being ahead of the Padres 2 games to none in the 80’s and losing it there… And then seeing Bartman do his thing…I had to slam my face into several cardoors and a large concrete block just to feel better after that. :shock: MAN UP SONNY!

once we drop zito giants are goin to the world series and stealin it from the smelly american leaguers :smiley: