Wow is this really true?

I was told by someone (not going to reveal a name) because i dont want anyone getting flamed or in trouble. But i talking to someone and they said they dont use anymore because setpro is alot better.

I dont know i believe this because ths is a great site and i have gotten alot better. Plus i dont wanna spend money on a website.

Here is a quote from the person who told me this is a good site ONLY for beginners. Once you get good if you use this site you will get worse. SetPro will give you 11 MPH on your bat swing and Pitching MPH for a small price.”

I dont know if i believe this i think im just going to save up for tuffcuff.

Comments? Lets make this into a big discussion because i dont like the idea of people bashing a very great website.


Well… honestly, does it matter? You just ask questions about pitching, it’s not like LTP will make you worse.

Who knows what’s in SetPro because nowone wants to pay for it. It probably has great info that’s not on this sight, but that doesn’t mean that this site is bad. It’s not a concrete thing, it’s just a means of communication between pitchers.

Do what you want to do.

Well maybe when they get to the bigs they’ll give free tickets…Everything is relative. From that persons perspective…he sees it his way. Good luck to him. We’ll just keep trying to help and if it effects a difference then good. We aren’t here to debate something like that…If you got the cash and want to participate on SetPro go…nothing says you can’t participate both places…we won’t turn you away (Won’t mind discussing the errors of our ways either) actually we’ll allow a divergence of opinion in a respectful way. If you think Pitching dot Com (Dick Mills) has the answer amen, ot Mike Marshall…whatever…we are here to attempt to provide help and information…that is what we’ll do.

well im just saying that i dont agree as this website not being good from what this person told me. And i plan on staying this site. And i do agree this site doesn’t make you better or worse necessarily. I mean you are the one that has to practice and actually use the helpful information on the site.

And it sure as heck helped me

And i mean we have steven ellis who had a pro career. I just him alone makes this site a great site because what he is teaching is us what he did which must be right to most extent because he made it to the show. Plus i mean there are other great teachers out the like Coach Baker for example and JD.

Well Spencer…cool! 8)
I think it is within the pitcher to decide if he gets better, desire is what it’s all about. If we can help we will. There have been dads, LL, Jr High, High School, Jr College, D-1…and various levels of pros participate on this site…they have valuable information that can help…to discard it is in my opinion a mistake…but we’ve never tried to be the boss…just a safe and respectful place to learn…heck we even respect the founder of SetPro when he comes on the site.

Now just on another subject for a second JD what is you sons name? And what college does he go to? Because i coudnt help reading that he got a full ride scholership to pitch?

His name is Andy Dedmon and he attends Indian River State here in Florida in Ft. Pierce…his Coach is Bob O’Brein, Rick Petersons (Pitching Coach for the Mets…he saught Bob out) son also was trained by Bob. And yes he is on a full ride. I finally got to see him this weekend for the first time since school started and play catch…yow has he picked up velocity!!!

May it be to rude to ask what pitches he throws and speeds?

And what his workout program in High School was?

He throws a sinker and cutter, 4 seam, curve, slider and change…He’s gone from a sort of a combo vulcan thing to a circle. He worked out with Rick Wilkins throughout his HS career (Rick was a catcher for the Cubs, Cards, Padres, Giants and Mariners…He’s caught Sutcliff, Maddox during his first Cy Young year, Randy Johnson, Jamie Moyer, Sean Estes Mike Morgan…just to name a few), he followed the lifting schedule Rick layed out (Mostly pitching specific stuff) along with some of the Tuff Cuff stuff. He worked out steady through the summer and during the fall work out sessions at school.

There is simply no substitute for hands on experience coaching an art form like ours – pitching. And if that wasn’t enough, the age, comprehension, tolerance range, interest level, and playing sprit from all those that seek responses of a wide attention span tests even the best of intentions of those that respond. Yours truly included.

This is a written media, and as such is riddled with weakness due to the interpretation and narration of all who visit here. BUT, in all my 33 years of coaching at various levels, and my last 19 years as a pitching coach, I’ve found nothing that even comes close to this place, again, taking into consideration the written word and the media that supports it, and you. And no matter who comes here, sincere support should be the first thing that comes across their radar.

Also, take special note of the lack of one person’s agenda… In other words, what’s deliberately missing is …”my way or the highway.” But, what’s not missing is the willingness to help you and even guide you to other areas of interest that hosts alternating views and opinions. Flexibility and doing the right thing FOR YOU is evidence enough for even the most skeptical visitor.

You won’t find solicitations in the mail, pay up first, or demands of any kind. And the discreet, reasonable exchanges of ideas and the maintenance of that format speaks volumes for its host Steven Ellis and his Administrators. Also, the regulars that contribute here bring an impressive set of credentials … that’s obvious based on their response side of this equation.

Rookie or veteran, youngest to the not so young… we all ask “what can we do to help you?” Oh, other sites are just as good and impressive, and I will give credit where credit is due. Here though, your credit is always good … no need to pay in advance, no hidden fees, and no exact change lane to get into to. Just come on in and enjoy the ride.

Coach B.

Some of the questions that I’ve been asked here have tested my competency and communication skills, and I will freely admit … it has been a very humbling experience for me. On the flip side though, your questions have made me a better coach. I can’t thank you enough for the lessons.

[quote=“SpencerEllerbusch”]I was told by someone (not going to reveal a name) because i dont want anyone getting flamed or in trouble. But i talking to someone and they said they dont use anymore because setpro is alot better.[/quote]SETPRO has great stuff, no question. That doesn’t mean nobody else does also. Just be aware that they seem to have a tendency to look down on everybody else because Paul Nyman is supposedly the ONLY person on this planet who can help you. He can. You should just know that this is the atmosphere there, before you start with them. Lots of bashing of others. Good thing they have good content because the “holier than thou” attitude gets a bit difficult to take. If you’re the sort who can ignore all of that and come out the other end still respecting others, then you probably will benefit.

As jd so effectively put it, we’ll still be here to help. That’s what this site’s all about. People with the desire to just simply be helpful.

I can’t add much to what the other admins have said except to comment on my background and what it brings to the table. Most on this site know I am NPA-certified and, therefore, I come from the Tom House camp. Now, I try to keep my mind open to the ideas of others (e.g. Nyman, Mills, etc.) and learn as much as I can. But I do find myself agreeing with most of House’s current teachings and offering opinions and suggestions from that perspective.

Regarding this site being good only for beginners, the person that said that has a thing or two to learn. I know something about the people on this site and the level of knowledge and experience they bring and there is nothing “beginner” about them. We’ve got experienced coaches, college level pitchers, even a few pro level guys. Now, we do encourage lots of discussion among pitchers of all age levels and expertise. We believe this site has more youth pitcher participation than any other site on the web and we think that’s a good thing. Of course, that means there will be some content that is suspect. But that’s true of any site open to the general public. One only needs to stick around and pay attention to figure out who knows what they’re talking about.

Speaking personally, I make House’s teachings accessible to folks on this site for free. And there is nothing “beginner” about House either. In an interview shown before a recent Diamondbacks game, Randy Johnson was asked what he did to pitch so well in July after pitching so poorly in June. His reply? He said he went to California to visit a guy named Tom House. Johnson pitched very well since the all-star break. Last December when I was at the NPA’s facility in San Diego, Cole Hamels walked in and we got to watch Tom work with Cole. And guess what they did? The same exact stuff we’ve been taught in the coach’s certification. House continues to work directly with some of the best MLB pitchers in the game. What I offer on this site comes directly from that level. Nothing beginner there either.