Would you recommend pitching off a portable mound?

I was going to build a portable mound from plywood,indoor/outdoor carpet etc… but was unsure of the height. Most of the plans I have found show a height of 10". My oldest will be 11 in a few months and my youngest is 8. This drop semed awful big to me. After doing some research I now wonder if I should build one at all or just keep throwing off level ground in our yard with the occasional trip to the field to pitch off a mound with I think a 6" drop. Any opinions? Sorry for the long winded question!

Just go with the occasional trips to the field. For sure.

I think portable mounds are great. Just want to make sure the slope is correct down in front of the rubber and that you build enough length into the front so that you can continue to promote a good stride length.

Also, make sure you build enough space on the side and back of the pitching rubber to rocker step. My buddy built a great (although very heavy!) pitching mound a few years back but wasn’t thinking and didn’t leave enough room behind the rubber to step back. So it was pretty useless :slight_smile:

The problem with most portable pitching mounds is they are not long enough. Official mounds are 10" tall and have a drop of 1" for each foot of run. Thus, the mound needs to be 10’ long from the point the slope starts which is 6" in front of the rubber. Very few portable mounds are this long which means the slope in front of the rubber is too steep.

Ideally, the mound should be 10’ long for the slope, 6" for the 6" of “deck” in front of the rubber, 6" for the width of the rubber, and another 18" (I “think”) of “deck” behind the rubber. That’s 12.5’ and that doesn’t even include any slope around the back of the mound.

My dirt mound in my backyard is 13’ long. It has proper slope in front and about 2’ of “deck” behind the rubber. The back and sides are framed with lumber so there is no slope there. But that’s why I put extra distance in the platform behind the rubber. Keep in mind, I use my mound to give lessons. You can see pictures of my bullpen
DSC06622_small | tomas2691 | Flickr][u]here[/u

Wow Roger, I would kill to have something like that in my backyard. That’s AWESOME!

Great looking mound Roger!

[quote]Wow Roger, I would kill to have something like that in my backyard. That’s AWESOME!

That is awesome and I probably could build something much like that in my back yard (though not nearly so tidy) but if I did, it’s my wife who would do the killing.