Would you mind looking at my 12yo son's mechanics?


5’8" - 106lbs - pitching on my homemade 10" mound. Just moving up to 60’. Likes? Don’t likes? Any and all thoughts very much appreciated…


Here he’s facing target. Needs to keep driving towards it

This is closer to release.

Brilliant on the homade mound. He looks awesome. Great mechanics. Good separation and sequence. The experts might have some advance mechanical adjustments. The fourth time I watched it the head movement caught my eye. The first three I was in awe of his mechanics. The head. Keep it still. Facing target. 1 inch of head movement equals 2 inches off on release.


Thank You Harebone,. I see exactly what you are saying after looking at it again myself. He pulls away at the end. We will work on that. The mound? Yeah, wifey not too happy about it but beats trying to find a mound at a park somewhere. Plus I told her she can have all the top soil for her garden someday. lol. Thanks again for the valued advice!


Any other thoughts, insight or tips?

My questions - Does his glove tuck look ok? Should it be closer and held tighter to the armpit so he does not finish throwing across the left arm at finish? Looks like glove finish is too low?


Sorry, but I see almost zero separation.


Forgive me as I am new to this. I’m just a Dad. Can you explain what separation is and how I can correct the lack of it?


He turns his top half and bottom half to the plate at the same time. The idea is that he should keep his top half pointed at third while his opens his hips toward the plate- creating a tension…stretching the rubber band- and then snapping the top half around.


Thanks. Now I get it, I think. What cue’s or hints can I give him to separate correctly? Keep his left shoulder closed longer?


We do dry run drills. Going through the sequence. Set -equal opposite-stride-hip-fixed glove-post foot-torso- square head not moving facing target finish. Not throwing. 10 before every throw session. Sure you could google and get exact sequence. It’s boring but necessary. Same thing using a wall. We use Tuff Cuff jr for reference…