Would you draft this 95 mph arm or not

go to the mega 10 page topic my 14 yr old video and catch up on what we are discussing. then post you comments here. the topic shifted and this title addresses where the thread went.

if someone who knows how to copy and repost the clip of the kid throwing 95 here it would be much appreciated.

anyway, interested in what the letstalkpitching community thinks.

here we go again, welcome to the big leagues.

sorry guys. i can’t find the video clip in the 10 page thread. i remember it was of a kid at a high school showcase throwing 95 if someone remembers where it is and can repost it. i’m technologically challenged at reposting and posting clips on a topic thread.

this should make for good discussion.

found the video clip. it’s gerrit cole on the baseballwebtv site. if anyone can paste the clip on this thread that would be great.

Here ya go Dusty…


Wow… nice clip. The batters look a little stunned…:oops:
Huh?.. what was that!

6’3" – 190

I don’t know much about the signing process, but from what I’ve seen and heard, yes I would draft him. I looked up his scouting report which indicates that he has a good change-up (“nasty”) along with a good breaking ball. If he can locate and can use his other pitches effectively at that age (plus the present velocity on the FB), then you may as well start writing out the check now. Then, throw in the “he’s never been hurt or had a sore arm” and thats when competition w/ other teams start. Mentally, he can’t be worse than Carlos Zambrano, so there’s typically not an issue there.

There’s probably more to this pitcher than what meets the eye, so there would need to be more information before just handing him the spot/money, but looks like Mr. Cole won’t have a problem finding a team.

A PG scouting report labeled him as “one of the top pitchers in the nation”.

im just getting into this topic but why wouldnt you draft a 17 yr old that has hit 97 mph?

there was discussion on the other thread that he has bad mechanics and might break down.

thanks patharless.

in my opinion he’s a can’t miss. worth at least 7 figures minimum in my opinion.

thats a top 5 round arm easy.

question, you see how he brings his arm back completely bent out all the way during the high cocked position. is that ok to do becuase thats how my pitching coach teaches it and i was do the 90 degrees bent but it seems i throw i little harder when i extend it out all the way ad bring it around?

Gerrit Cole is a legit pitcher. I faced him last summer when he was a junior and he was legit mid-90’s off the mound with nasty breaking stuff. He’s a sure fire first rounder this June barring injury; his mechanics aren’t the cleanest but hey he’s only 17, he’s got plenty of time to work on them.

what the heck makes him throw so hard?

He isnt very explosive with his body, just his arm?

He’s a long armer (like the Weaver brothers), but it doesn’t seem to affect his deception too much.

I don’t see any obvious problems in his arm action other than that he seems to show the ball to CF/2B a bit.

[quote=“RawTalent”]what the heck makes him throw so hard?

He isnt very explosive with his body, just his arm?


His hip/shoulder separation looks good.

Also, watch how he doesn’t leave his PAS foot behind on the rubber. Instead, his PAS knee is bent 90 degrees at the release point. That helps his hips to keep turning.

didnt even look at the video, but you cant teach 95…in.

Yeah, that’s 95 with good movement, too. He’s hitting 97 now you say? First round bonus baby. I just hope the right team gets him so he doesn’t get the Lincecum treatment (take a legit triple digit fastball and slow it down to low to mid 90’s).


I don’t see why someone like that wouldn’t go to college first. It just seems with some of the ways that pitchers either 1. get injured or 2. mentally fall apart, you would want a back-up plan. I guess if he made some decent money he could always go back, but it just seems that he might want some kind of a backup plan incase he gets hurt or something.

There was a kid throwing in the mid 90’s with good stuff out of highschool but he didn’t get a really good draft spot. He chose to take his full ride to Notre Dame instead. Seems like the logical choice to me.

the professional baseball college package is 60k to any college you want after baseball. that is better than 98% of the scholarships you will get today. most scholarships are between 33 and 50%. you get to pay the rest. on average at a d-1 this is about 10k per year. full scholarships are a thing of the past. major college baseball is over-regulated.

it is also very likely that if you are big time, they will throw you too much. they have to win. in minor league ball, they work to develop players. big difference.

One other thing. They offer educational opportunities while you are on the big team. They will help you CLEP, or in anyway you want to continue your education, they will pay and facillitate it. Like if somehow you even just get to league min (This kid won’t be league min…we’re talking top eschalon of bonus) you won’t be treated great…Big League is Big League…comfort IS available :smiley:
Just the interest of just this kids bonus will fund the educations of most of the regular posters on this site :shock: I’m sure his post MLB life will at least get him 3 hots and a cot :lol:
His problem will be to stay well grounded and humble while his team and his agent kiss his butt to a shiney hue of rosey.

He looks quite wild.

Here’s a GIF of him

He has a ridiculously long arm action, but 70 degrees of separation. Nice stuff too, but is wild.