Would Tim Tebow have a chance of making it to the MLB?

I’m sure most of you have heard about Tim Tebow’s announcement that he will be pursuing a career in the MLB. He’s been working on baseball for months. Earlier this year, he went to a Dodgers tryout and they showed some interest in him. Tebow used to play baseball in high school and batted .494 in his junior year 11 years ago. He hasn’t played competitive baseball since then. Next week, he’s holding a showcase in Los Angeles and 20 MLB teams are reported to attend. A part of me is thinking “he’s found a new dream, go ahead” and another part of me is thinking it’s insulting to people who have been spending years to play baseball with the hopes of making it to the MLB and for a team to sign him and give him a spot on a Minor League roster instead of a talented prospect who’s been at it is whole life for reasons of publicity and ticket sales.

IMO I don’t think that it’s insulting to anyone. No matter how long you have been trying for MLB, If a team shows interest and picks you over someone else then it means that they think he has a better chance in the MLB. I personally think that if people feel offended that someone who hasn’t played for 11 years is chosen over them, they shouldn’t play in MLB because only the best are supposed to play.
I haven’t seen how well tim plays baseball but he is already an accomplished athlete so his baseball shouldn’t be so bad.

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My youngest played against Neice HS in North Florida, Tebow’s HS, I can tell you that if Urban Meyers had not locked him up as a Jr. he would have been a 1st rounder, direct to the bigs guy (Meyers would not let him play his Sr. yr of baseball). I’ll always have a place for that kid in my heart, my son got scouted first by people there to see Tim (The Citadel and Jacksonville University). The kid had better than a .500 avg. as a Jr. but was a dominating lefty on the mound, a center fielder who covered huge amount of ground with a rocket attached to his left shoulder.


how about…1st ab, 1st pitch…A hustling start

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Just saw that. Heads exploding at ESPN. :smile:

Really really sick how they hate him.

no, he won’t be put on the Mets because he is on ball club before A and AA

He was named a minor league all star so who knows what will happen with him