Would this workout be relevant to pitching?

I like to do things that I find interesting just because I feel like I have a tendency to work harder if it holds my attention.

Anyways, I found this workout and was wondering if anyone thought it would translate well to pitching. The workout is designed to increase your vertical jump and your explosion in basketball.

I was thinking this would help me drive off the hill and help with my all around athleticism off the mound.

I guess I’m just asking if anyone has had experience with a workout like this, or if anyone knows of a workout that would be more efficient for the same results I’m looking for in a workout to sub in 2 days a week.


Here’s the link.

A plyometric routine should make you more athletic and more explosive. They can also help with increasing sprinting speed.

However, in reality I would consider it, only one piece, or tool if you will, that makes up a total conditioning and preparation program.

A full program would probably include:


Lots of baseball specific work and throwing.

Plyo’s will make you a better athlete, just be careful as they are very taxing on the joints.

The actual gain varies but I wouldn’t expect they insane amounts that vertical jump websites and salesman claim clients get. Those are the 95th percentile and higher, most people don’t experience that much.

And as with all things, the body adapts constantly, so if you aren’t do any basketball or jump training for some time, you will loose a lot of your gains.

I understand the concept of a plyometric workout.

This workout seemed like it would be effective for building explosion off the mound. I was just wondering if anyone has experience with a more efficient wokout that could be used to help build the same results (something more pitching oriented) when used 2 days a week as part of a training program.


to increase your vertical jump for basketball or another sport would also help with pitching. your calf muscles will be alot stronger than before so yea do it