Would this be a good offseason routine?

this is what i’ve kinda decided so far

monday: day one of tuff cuff phase 2
tuesday: weighter ball workout (Coach Kreber’s)
wednesday: day two of tuff cuff phase 2
thursday: weighted ball workout (Coach Kreber’s)
friday: tuff cuff day 3 phase 2
saturday: pitching lessons (bull pen)

would that be a good routine to do?
and also, i want to do some rotator cuff exercises what days should i do them?

Pssst…edit and change Bowers to “Coach Kreber’s” He was the guy who designed the workout.

How often do you workout? Will you be able to handle it? Thats a packed scedule. Also, I’d suggest doing light weights not the real hard stuff for at least a few weeks of the weighted ball and see if it makes you sore. Also remember that the weighted ball workout is a workout not just throwing. There is a lot more too it and differnet excersises. I’d test the weighted ball workout first then get into lifting. I’m sure it will be fine though.

before baseball season started at my school we were basically working out everyday so i could probably handle the weight lifting

but u think start out lower weight then progress into higher while still doing the weighted ball thing

lol there changed it that better?

And at the end you asked about when to work the rotator cuff. Really, those workouts with the band can be done prior to any of those workouts.

so it wouldnt be bad if i did some rotator cuff exercises right beofre i threw? and could i do them everyday?

With that kind of workload I would try and get atleast another day of rest in there. Maybe split it up where you can do your throwing in the morning, then a workout later, then that way you can open up another day for rest.

what is Coach K’s weighted ball workout?

Sounds like it would lead to overtraining to me. I would not do the weighted ball workouts.

anyone know the weighted ball workout?