Would Just Like Some General Advice

This is the first video I have made…
Not a serious attempt just yet, wanted to see how it would turn out.
But, any assistance would be helpful.
Thanks for watching my video

This is the link



I’d say you should get your hips moving a little faster. It seems like you have a very slow delivery.

lol, i’ve obviously new at this.

If you stick around here long enough you’ll learn a lot.

Ok take a look at Randy Johnson below. Notice how his hips start moving towards his target when his leg lift starts? Talk to me if you understand this. You get your leg all the way up then you start moving towards your target. Start those hips moving faster then drive with your legs and generate some momentum.

Ok…so, I am a little bit too relaxed when I am pitching…taking too much time, and not putting enough momentum into my stride?

Well relaxed is good but I understand what your saying. Your being too nice while your pitching. When that leg starts moving up get those hips moving towards your target. Start falling forward quicker this will help with velocity too.

You’ll have to wait for someone to single out some stuff that your doing. I’m not a pro at this stuff but theres some guys here that really know what they’re talking about.

I realize what you are saying now…
I think the reason I was like that is…I could have been given some bad advice before.
I was always told to stay tall throughout my motion.
That would kind of go against the falling over…or leaning forward that you speak of.
But, I certainly notice that I don’t move forward until my leg is almost on it’s way down.

now you don’t want to fall forward just drift forward and you don’t want to lean forward with the upper body or backwards with it look at Randy johnson and mariano rivera.

I agree with others’ comments about starting the hips forward a bit sooner. Otherwise, I think your mechanics look very good: good posture, glove stabilizes out in front - no pulling, head and shoulder stacked into release. Nice.

Experiment with starting the hips forward sooner. You might find it helps to start with your knees bent a bit more since you tend to drop quite a bit already.

I hope that’s all I need…thanks a lot guys…
anymore help would be great as well…
I’m going to see someone Tuesday…to help nail down some more specific stuff.


You’ll know when your doing it right. The hips moving forward is more of a just not doing it kind of thing. Once you realize your not doing it and you start to you shouldn’t have much of a problem with it again.

Not fully sure if these has incorporated bringing the hips forward…but it’s a different angle. Might be easier to notice some other things to fix.


I would start off differently by steping back not to the side because use lose momentum. You want a bigger step back and then piviot arond the post leg and throw.

That video doesn’t show the hips moving forward sooner. The way to tell if the hips are moving before leg lift is to pause the film at leg lift and if you aren’t balanced and you are closer to the plate then you are doing it right.

Where did you get that catcher thing you throw into? What is it called?

I ordered it from a local store…it’s an easton thingie…

It’s not bad, but I have seen some better, cheaper apparatus’.

You’re leading with your toes too much and you’re landing on your heel first. You want to lead with the heel and land on the ball of your foot. Also, you’re front thigh is turning over too soon. These can lead to control problems.

Compare it to Rich Hill. Notice how his front foot is almost parallel to the ground.

Now compare it to Scott Kazmir, he definitely lands heel first. He also turns over his front thigh early as well.

It also looks as though your are opening your shoulders too soon due to not enough scap load.

Hold on scap loading is a waste of time and is done naturally and you just need to keep the shoulder in there more ok.

Okay… this is risky… Just another set of eyes. May be confusing or may help, I don’t know…
From my point of view, you collapse on your posting leg a little bit which seems to cause you to lunge toward the plate. Additionally you don’t appear to be firm enough on your landing leg until well after release.
So, how do you fix it?..
The suggestions to move forward earlier and faster will help. Consciously staying straighter on your posting leg will also help. Try to move forward early, creating good momentum and finish with a strong rotation of the hips and shoulders to release. In order to finish that way you will need a strong front leg. Explode at the end…

Your landing foot position is fine. You do a good job of opening (separating) hips and striding sideways til the last minute when you rotate. Nice stuff!