Worst Moments on the mound

Anyone care to share those horrid moments where nothing seemed to click for you, where either your stuff seemed to just completely disappear or you just weren’t feeling it that day?

I’m sure all of us have gone through times like these at one point or another.

For me, it was back in little league majors when i was going to the mound for the first time in my life. The bases were loaded when i came in to relief and i was DEAD scared of screwing us over. When i was finally done with warm ups, i threw a first pitch fastball that was dead center and dead center over the fence… :frowning:

I never had that problem, but I can sympathize with you and every other pitcher who has been up against it. You hear stories from pitchers at every level, horror stories about how the curve ball hangs, the slider is flat, the knuckleball refuses to knuckle, can’t find the strike zone…believe me, it’s no fun!
I remember when I was hearing all those stories, and during the winter of 1952, the off-season, when I started thinking about it and wondering how I would handle this situation. Then suddenly “How would I handle it” turned into “Could I handle it”, and one night I had a horrendous nightmare about it. In the dream I was warming up to come in to pitch the ninth inning, and I suddenly realized that my two best pitches, the slider and the knuckle-curve, had gone into hiding and refused to come out. In addition, when I went out to take the mound I saw that the opposing batters had suddenly grown to twelve feet high and the bats were six feet long. OUCH!!! I woke up with a start and couldn’t get back to sleep for a couple of hours…
Then one day I was talking to my pitching coach, who had arrived at Yankee Stadium early, and I found myself telling him about that nightmare. He interrupted me with a quiet “We’ll start there”—and he proceeded to introduce me to a psychological strategy I’d had no idea he knew anything about. In about an hour he knocked the whole problem out of commission, restored my confidence, gave me more reassurance and support than I had ever thought possible, and demolished any and all anxieties I had had about the problem—my uncertainty about my ability to pitch in tight situations with less than my best stuff. And the next day I pitched a two-hit shutout, and I never had that problem again, not even in a nightmare.
Isn’t that what pitching coaches are for? 8) :wink:

I’m a lefty and I had one outing that the ump just wouldn’t give me my curve for a strike…he said it was going “around” the plate :roll: I mean the catcher was setting middle of the plate and not moving his glove and I was just laying it in there :pullinghair: It was though, a very short outing :shock: chocked up under “one of those days”.

one of my teamsmates last year got three hot shots(comebackers) on three straight pitches
then got hit by one next inning

ouch, ouch, ouch and ouch!!!

Whenever there’s an out of the park homer, the chief umpire (plate empire) will normally wait for the batter runner to cross home plate before putting another ball in play – in other words not giving another ball to the pitcher until the batter runner crosses the plate.

My pitcher tosses a creampuff and ka-knock… tune in at eleven for sports and local weather. Just as the batter runner rounds first, my backstop turns to the umpire and simply motions with his hands … “ wow, right over the fence!” the umpire must have though that he was asking for another ball … so… without a second though, he reaches into his ball bag, plucks out a brand new ball and plunks it into the catcher’s hand. Which in turn, the catcher instinctively takes it and flips it to the mound.

Our boy on the bump starts rubbing it up then puts it in his hand and rests his handwith the ball on his backside.

After the batter runner crosses the plate, blue bends over and dusts off home, steps to one side of our catcher to put his mask back on, and must have noticed no ball in the pitchers glove so without hesitation, reaches in his ball bag and tosses another one to my guy.

Now you’d think the first base umpire, the second base umpire, or even the third base umpire would have picked up on some of this … but no chance. I know I should of said something …but I just couldn’t resist watching how all this was going to play out.

My guy delivers, the ball is hit into the gap and the batters on first. The next guy at bat lines a drive to short who tosses to second for an easy out, then my joker tosses his extra ball to first for the second out. Yes… that’s right … the second out. The box score was about to post 1- 2 – 6 – 3, then 1 – 3 … WAIT A MINUTE!!

First my guy was almost fined for putting two balls in play, Then second, my guy was almost called for an illegal pitch … can’t pitch one pitch while holding a second game ball, then third, the other team wanted the two runners called safe due to an illegal game procedure … and on it went.

I went to the mound and tried to straighten things out … it was ready to rain buckets and the game was at the top of the nineth … and I didn’t need any of this.

We finally got things back to normal … the home plate umpire reconciled his error in judgment and we put the pieces back the way they were, then started all over again.

But, without thinking… I was rubbing a practice ball in the dugout and absentmindedly took it with me to the mound. Our pitcher had the true game ball from the umpire, and the plate umpire turned and went back to the plate with my catcher … I slap’d my guy on the shoulder and told him “go get-em kid”, then reached down and raised his glove up and
dumped the ball that I was rubbing into his glove … while he had the real game ball in his hand resting on his rump.

The umpire called “play”, … only to find my guy AGAIN… with two baseballs.

My guy got tossed, I got tossed, my skipper got tossed for sticking up for both of us, our catcher was asked to take off his clam gear just to make sure he wasn’t hiding any baseballs… then he got tossed for getting upset that someone thought he as cheating.

The following game my skipper asked our infield coach to do him a personal favor… “pat down Baker just to make sure he’s not leaving the dugout with no more that then the good Lord blessed him with.”

Coach B.

how about this?
about two or three years ago on my summer team we won the game in extras by a line drive right of the pitchers “cup area”. Well, unfortunately he wasnt wearing one and an ambulance was called.
Didn’t ever figure out what happened too him.

Coach B. - I swear that’s one of the best baseball-related stories I’ve ever heard. Hilarious! :lol:

eaglebaseball - OUCH!!! In my league they check to see if we’re wearing cups (no, you pervs…we just bang on 'em). Although it’s wrong to penalize a guy who just got hit in the you-know-what, isn’t there some rule about that depending on your league?

Coach B: That was amazing :lol:

Every once in a while, I’ll get a good ribbing from someone that was on that club – and that was about twelve years ago. And although we’ve all gone our separate ways, baseball is like a family… sort of…. regardless of who you played for, coached for, managed for … it’s pretty close-knit. So when something as embarrassing as that happens to a coach who should know better… guys won’t miss an opportunity to remind me.

And I’ll be somewhere, and out of the blue some voice will say… “hey
coach… how many _ _ _ _‘s do you have?” And without fail, I’ll think
to myself…” of all the people that are in this world… I got to bump into
this guy!”

[/quote]eaglebaseball - OUCH!!! In my league they check to see if we’re wearing cups (no, you pervs…we just bang on 'em). Although it’s wrong to penalize a guy who just got hit in the you-know-what, isn’t there some rule about that depending on your league?[/quote]

No not where i play though it is a good idea. At our highschool it’s kind of one of those unwritten rules if your an infielder/pitcher/catcher you wear a cup.

this isn’t a horrid moment but a really unlucky one. So it was in the 5th and I had a one hitter going. First guy up 0-2 and I threw a changeup that got awayfrom me and the guy doesn’t even try to get out of the way. I mean he leaned into it so it would hit him. Ump doesn’t call it and I get pissed. Next guy up I brush him back off the plate (partly because he was crowding the plate and part because I was mad). Its now 1-1 and I get him to hit a grounder to 3B. Well first the guy bobbles it and then in desperation he throws the ball over first and over the fence. SO NOW guys on second and third nobody out. Next guy hits an 0-2 curve that nearly bounced off the plate. If you watched Game 6 of ALCS and saw Carl Crawfords hit off Josh Beckett in maybe the 4 you know what kind of hit it was. Little blooper falls. So now runner on first. Ground ball to ss flips to second. He drops it. Next guy unloads the bases on my first bad pitch of the inning. I lose. I went 5 innings gave up three hits and 4 unearned runs