Worrying about my velocity


Hey guys, lately I just feel like I’ve been just dropping my velocity. I could have sworn that in the beginning of august I was throwing somewhere around 60 but now I just feel like I’m not throwing anything. I left a few baseballs in the rain and they’re somewhat heavy and every time I throw them I throw at least 40. I’m getting really worried, also I’ve been throwing this three ounce rubber ball with my friend lately so maybe is that decreasing my velocity ? What can I do, please help


What do you do for training to gain velocity? And how old are you?
Can you also put a video in here so we can see what your throwing mechanics are?


Hi! I’m sorta hanging out with my grandparents in japan right now so I can’t really train. I’m 14 right now and I just started baseball last year so I understand 60 isn’t anything . I have a video of when I was touching high 50s maybe during the beginning of the summer .


A big drop in velocity from a young player just starting out and not injured usually comes from trying out tones of different things and forgetting the basics. The balls you throw might also change the way you deliver the baseball. Lets see your upper 50s video and a recent one to compare!