Worried on this damn elbow

i’ve been worried because the doctor said to rest the elbow. because i have tendonitis/pitchers elbow i guess. and i been getting a feeling that when i start throwing again im not goin to throw at the same velocity/accuracy. i been worried that from shutting down from throwing ill get weaker and i wont be prepared for the miami hurricanes baseball camp. o boy i pray and pray this f-ing elbow thing just stops so i can play now.
what should i do?

Do exactly what the doctor said to do and stop worrying. The velocity wont be the problem after rest, it’ll be the command.

Stop with the cussing…I understand your frustration. It doesn’t mean you can’t be ready. You do have to continue and follow what the doctor has put you on. Is he a specialist in sports medicine? If not go see a Ortho pod (Orthopedic Specialist) and have him determine if there is any physical therapy that would be appropriate. Are you taking anti-inflammatory medicine? Let the Ortho know that of course, also let it be known what you are hoping to do and see if you can get there resonably…no camp is worth messing up your elbow…period!

Take this time as an opprotunity to hit the gym hard, and work on mechanics to the best of your ability. Just because you cant physically throw a baseball doesnt mean you cant improve.

If you have tendonitus and your doctor told you to rest your arm, you shouldnt be going to the gym. Just resting it and icing alot.

Of course i meant lifts that wont aggravate that elbow.

Are simple dumbell stuff stressful for the elbow or shoulder?

Just make sure to do what the doctor says. He(or she) is the expert. Of course you might not have the command, or maybe the ball won’t explode out of your hand as well, but that will change. If you worked hard before your injury it won’t be hard to get yourself back to feeling good again.

Do you know why a lot of guys come back from an injury throwing harder and better than ever before???

They take the time to improve their entire body when they are injured.

They work out with more discipline

They focus on their recovery

They strengthen supporting muscles to aviod future injuries

Injuries are usually a sign of a weak point with a pitcher. Find the weak point and enhance it. It isn’t always the injury, sometimes it is better to find the root cause and improve your training program to address it.

you can workout your legs and abdominals…

i had the same thing as you this season.
personally i didnt lose too much velocity, but it was difficult for me to
locate my fastball and throw strikes constantly. My off speed pitches dont feel like they changed much

i suggest trying to get into better shape by running, or doing some arm, shoulder, back workouts