Worried as hell

Well I’ve never played on the high school level before I’ve been playing little league/babe ruth pretty much my whole life (im 16 and a junior in high school) and im tryingg out for varsity… well i worked my ass off during the winter i even got invited to workout with the team over the off-season and i pitched pretty well at the weekly throwing sessions the team had but i dunno it just seemed like the coaches didn really care about how well i did they didn’t even take a peek at me they were drooling all over their 3 star pitchers… but anyway the tryouts have been two weeks long and this week they make the cuts… im really worried because i pitched last sunday and thursday TERRIBLY (just lost all velocity,my velocity has dropped over the winter from 76-77 to about 70-71, control was terrible, has been terrible for a while now,out of 30 pitches maybe 12 or 13 for strikes in both sessions, coaches once again didn even take a look at me) but i did well during PFP and the game-time situations… i have another throwing session on tuesday and cuts are on thursday and theres a scrimmage friday… i really wanna impress the hell out of them on tuesday to see if i have the least chance of making the team… i’ve been incredibly dedicated to this team and i hope they take that into consideration when they make cuts cause some guys trying out/on the team rarely ever go to the practices… well judging from this long life story of mine… do you think im cut or not? and some advice would be VERYY nice and helpful… :oops: :lol:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zot8E789DJY video clip of winter session… critique if u’d like

I don’t have time to write much but just one quick tip, when you want something small that will get you noticed, don’t just get up there and keep throwing. Vary looks when you come to a set and use 1,3 and 5 second holds before coming to the plate. It might rub off on the coaches and show not only can you throw the ball, you also have a mental edge to you, that shows them you have basic knowledge of the game. And listen, relax, work hard, and just play the game of baseball, it should be fun. Do these things and give it your best, but don’t over complicate things, it’s just baseball bud.

Go out there. Look tough. Give the batters dirty looks, and throw strikes. Don’t give the hitters too much credit. Don’t get cute with a whole bunhc of breaking balls. Throw the old number one over the plate again and again. Challenge the hitters to hit shots off of you. Chances are they won’t. it’s still early in the season, and chances are they’ll hit the ball to your fielders.

just throw strikes and see what happens from there.

If they do cut you, make sure you ask them why… and after they give you the reason, tell them they are wrong. Tell them they’re making a mistake.

This won’t make them un-cut you, but you’ll feel better about it later knowing that you didn’t accept someone telling you you’re not good enough.

I’m not saying don’t take there legitimate critiques to heart and use them constructively, but when someone cuts you, the message is you’re not good enough. And, for your own sake, you gotta tell them they’re full of it.

That’s quite low velocity for Varsity ball. Our slowest throwing decent pitcher on JV throws about that speed. A couple of the pitchers coming back from injuries don’t throw much harder yet. On the other hand we’ve got a couple pitchers on our varsity who probably don’t throw any more than low 70’s. They’ve been with the program a while though and probably won’t pitch during league.

Hopefully you have decent off speed pitches.

My recommendation is to try to look confident even if you aren’t and continue to work hard. If you do get cut don’t give up. Take a week or two off to let your arm recover and then get back to work.

Just my 2 cents but it looks like your throwing arm comes to a complete stop as your front foot lands. Then you throw. That shouldn’t happen. It should keep moving throughout the delivery. Also the ball should come out of your glove facing 2nd base and then as your arm goes through it’s motion your wrist should sorta rotate and get your hand under the ball and then as you get further into the delivery your fingers get on top of the ball and you throw. So my opinion is it’s mechanical and should be easy to fix and regain your velocity

Hope that helps


It also could be you were:

  1. Inside in the cage-Some guys get a little closterphobic and get woried about hitting something.
  2. On a fake wood mound-some of these are slippery,some are tacky. Nothing takes a pitcher more off his game than worrying about where/how your feet are going to land.
  3. Had the protective screen up in front of you. Some guys just do not like the screen up.

All these things make a pitcher uncomfortable until you are used to them. Have them recheck your velocity once you get outside away from all the distractions.

As to whether your going to get cut, It sounds like they have three good starters that they like. More important than velocity, you have got to get your strike count up. Ruffly throwing a strike 1/3 of the time is an automatic cut for a pitcher. It makes you easy to cut.

Can you make your team as a position player and offer to throw batting practice to the team to “save the other guys” for the games?

When your confidence come back, so will your velocity and control.

If you get cut, still make the offer, it might make all the difference next year.


I like the suggestion to make the offer to be a utility player and throw batting practice for the team if they are leaning towards cutting you.

Life as you know will be full of challenges and it’s really all about how you respond to them. Will you quit, or will you use it for further motivation. Who knows, maybe next year you come back at 80 mph and great control if you work hard enough. If not, you worked hard and showed yourself you will continue to challenge yourself at anything.

Good luck, you sound like a good kid that really has it together. You’ll go far in life regardless of whether you make some high school team.

Just recognize that.

well got cut today… i pitched on tuesday and terribly just like i anticipated… it was a simulated game 2 innings pitched, 3 BBs, 3 hits, 2 Ks…my control was incredibly badd but the velocity was really good which i really dun care about… i really saw the cut coming after that game… but what really pissed me off were some of the players they picked to be on the team one in particular this 1st baseman that couldn’t play 1st for his life made about 3 errors during the simulated games but thats beyond my control… it sucks because i worked all winter long with a winter training program out in NJ, went to all of the team’s practices, all this work just to make the varsity team and then turns out i get cut. i’ve always wantedd 2 play high school ball and knowing that im gunna have to wait another whole year hurts reall bad… but what can i do?? i guess its back to working my ass off again over the summer try to join a competitive league somewhere… but oh well… thats life :x

keep on keepin on never quit… this has nothing to do with baseball but greats like michael jordan was cut in highschool and look at this career… keep faith and keep practicing

I personally think you seemed despreate for this chance from the begining am i right?

Thats the wrong way to go about it…it shows in your performance wether you do good or not. When you get there… play like you’re better then their team aces.Even if your not…carry yourself like you are. And remeber these “aces” that have your coaches in awee are only human…flawed imperfect humans…
and hell if you dont make it…you have insentive to get even better

I remember this story. There was a guy who asked a highschool coach to pick out one player on his team that would never make it in baseball. The guy he picked out was a guy by the name of Joe Torre-who ended up an excellent all around catcher for many years (and a hall of fame mananger when he finally gives it a rest). The are plenty of stories of guys who got cut from their H.S. team and still endeed up in “The Show.”

As far school politics. Well, that happens. It is not right, but it happens.

All this doesn’t matter. If you love the game, find a way to keep playing it. You may need to change high schools if you want to pitch and the three guys they are sold on, are in your year of school. Frankly, would anything be sweeter than getting a start from another school against your old team, and beating them? Ian.

“I pitched on tuesday and terribly just like i anticipated”

Heres part of your problem. If you think you will screw up, then you probablly will. Even though you throw slower than average chances are in you throw mid 70’s and can even get the ball over the plate 3 of 5 times you will be a decent HS pitcher.

Trust your stuff, believe in your self and attack hitters.