Worried about being hit

whenever im at bat im always scared im gonna get hit so i look to see if the pitch is coming at me or not first then once it isnt i look for where its going

this kills ur timing

ive never been hit… came close a few times but never been hit

how do i overcome this?

well have you ever seen Happy Gilmore? do what Adam Sandler did and just go to a batting cage and just stand in front of the pitches lol jk. but just remember that it’s just a ball. i doubt theres anyone in your league that throws like 95 mph so if it hits you, its not like its gonna hurt.

but theyre coming at ur shins

thatll hurt

icic yea it would probly hurt a little bit. but you’ve never been hit before… atleast you dont have the luck of Craig Biggio lmao

Getting hit is a thing that bugs many hitters.
You could almost say it’s something you grow out of.

I had the biggest issue in little league with it. It seems like as you get older your pain threshold increases or something. I don’t know, I think a lot is just mental.
Now I often crowd the plate and generally laugh it off when I get hit. (I find it a cheap way to get on base)

To be a successful hitter you have to go up to the plate planning to dominate the pitcher and control the situation. If your thinking about getting hit the pitcher is in control. This is not good seeing as even if your in control 100% of the time you’ll still fail more than you succeed.

Confidence comes with repetition and experience. I think my most painful bean balls were all in little league, after that they really didn’t hurt much anymore.

For a guy who hits lots of triples off teh wall off fast pitching you sure seem to have a phobia.

Haha! Great movie!

I usually will try to get hit if the pitch is inside, unless it’s my head I don’t really care. Just realize it’s something that can get you on base and it only stings for a short bit.

Oh and Pheen you really should just stop bragging about stuff and then going on about needing help badly soon after, it’s annoying and it’s obvious you just want to impress everyone.

OK well first off I don’t feel pain. :lol: :lol: :shock:

Pheen this will be a problem especially when you see a real curveball that comes in at your shoulder and drops right into the strikezone. It’s all mental when you see that curveball don’t bail out.

I haven’t got hit yet this year I don’t believe in summer or school. I’m kind of a small kid they like to pitch to me. And I like to hit off them :lol:

I just turned 15 I’m 5’7’’ 140 pounds batting 3rd in a 17 year old league. They think I’m an easy out so I never get too many close calls.

I did get hit in a batting cage, something happened one day and we had a practice that we didn’t have to go to and of course I went. We got out the pitching machine and we were kinda screwing around and we set it on like 85 MPH knucke balls lol. The kid who set it up was like ok lets hit some 85 MPH fastballs. He forgot you don’t set both wheels the same speed. And someone stepped up and was like whoa a knuckleball lol. So our coach got a kick out of it and it was good batting practice so he let us play a game like if you hit it to certain parts of the cage it’s a double triple homer or out. We’re playing and Ball comes in at my hands. Now I was taught to when a ball comes at you to turn your head and body spin around and let your butt stick out. I turned away figuring it would go over me I somehow turned my left wrist in twords the ball. It hit me square in the backside of my wrist. My coach didn’t say a word he didn’t want to know if anything was broken. Instant bruise laces and all I got ice on it swelling went down and he said if that hit the outside of my wrist It would have for surely broken it. I’m lucky I turned because all of the veins and fleshy parts of my wrist took the impact.

Still didn’t hurt that bad.

Bower i’m built like you. im 15, 5’5’’ and 130 lbs so pitchers like to hit to me cause i’m so small so i hardly ever get hit.

Yeah I’m sort of opposite you last two, I’m 15 5’ 11" and 185 pounds (just thought I’d state that).

Oh and I haven’t batted right handed for a couple of years because my coaches encourage my left handed hitting and so I bat lefty. Anyways when a leftie’s on the mound I know how to react to a curve and know that it’s coming. So just look to see if that curveball spin is on it so you will know it won’t hit you.

I don’t know about you guys but at are high school we practice getting hit by pitches. WE throw teeballs at each other in Bp not as hard as we can but it still hurts! :shock:

you know chandler2109, we do a drill like that with our catchers if they are having a hard time blocking the ball. the catcher puts on all his equipment except his catchers glove and he crouches down with his hands behind his back. then we get out incredi-balls and we crow hop from the pitchers mound and throw them in the dirt so he will block them.

kb, are catchers do something sort of like that but they throw them at each other.

well my advice is have someone take tennis balls or some soft kind of ball and throw them at you get used to turning your body so if it does hit you it hits you in the back… thats how i did it and worked for me

well im not really scared of getting hit but if a fastball is coming at u of course try to git out of the way but say they throw a sick 1-7 curve our coach told us to turn away form the ball but still look at it then just slam it lol


next time a pitch is comeing at you as long as it is not comeing at your head let it hit you.

put it this way if you get hit charge the mound (not recommended 9 vs 1 scary) :shock:

I havent been beaned in over a year and a half. And Ive only actually ducked once in that time. I credit it to the fact Im bigger than everyone and I throw harder than pretty much everyone in my age group around here.

One summer, I was beaned over 10 times if you include camps, games, practices

Just turn so your face is away from the ball and pull the bat down and bend over a little so your neck isn’t exposed.

Or you could be a wuss and buy one of those huge elbow guards and bat the ball with that.

As a pitcher, if I knew a batter was afraid of being hit, I’d bean him. Then again, I’d get ejected thanks to the wussification of the game.

Ahhh I want to bean someone right now