World Series

The marlins, THE MARLINS? who picks the marlins.

Haha I’m doing that on purpose. If I’m wrong, I’m just wrong. But if I’m right…well… 8)

I did pick the Tigers to make the playoffs though…all the way back in January. :wink:

true, picking the tigers how did you do it? But really the tigers had a great season, and theres no one else i would have rather have had in the world series with us except Kansas City

I knew their pitching was going to be their strength this year. I was just hoping their main offensive players wouldn’t be saddled with injuries. I also picked them to make the playoffs because a lot of other people didn’t. :lol: I must admit though that before the season I wished they would win the World Series but knew they probably wouldn’t. I didn’t think they’d get there.

I also didn’t expect that beating by the Royals to end the season. :shock:

You know…figuring that the Marlins, on a $14.5 million payroll, finished only 10 games out of the wild card, I could see how it would have been possible for them to have made a surprise run this year if they didn’t start out 11-31.

If they had only played .500 baseball during that time, they would have finished with the same record as the Padres.

Now, if the Marlins don’t have some huge fire sale this offseason to get rid of all those prospects, I could see them squeaking into the playoffs in 2007. But then again, that was with Joe Girardi as manager. He kept all those kids in line and focused.

I mean, that’s just me. I’m from Illinois and a Cardinals fan but I liked the Marlins this year. For what they had, I thought they did an outstanding job.