World Series

the cards are going to win the world series!!!

I strongly dissagree. Detroit in 5 games.

Detroit has another thing coming

Theres no way the Cardinals are gonna win, they had enough trouble with the Mets. Detroits pitching is unbelieveable, all the Cardinals got in my opinion is Carpenter. How do u match him up against Verlander or Roger? You just can’t.

STL baby all the way aint nobody can stop us now

Detorit in 4

Either Carpenter wins 1 game, and Detroit wins in 5, or Detroit sweeps.

Just not impressed enough with the Cards bats, as it still appears you can get away with intentionally walking Pujols

I totally agree with you centerfeild2150. :lol:

Team of destiny…Remember the Pudge factor, stinkin fish shouldn’t have beaten their grandmothers…Leyland/Pudge=Card death. I don’t like the American League but can’t fight the juju.
Bad juju! Bad Pudge juju! :shock:

national league is inferior to the american league in this generation…hands down

The mets were the best of the NL and really the only NL team capable of standing up to the best of the AL. Detroit in 4 against the cardinals. I mean seriously, the Cardinals Ace doesnt even look like one to me.

hey guess what im watching the game right now and its 4-1 STL put up or shut up

The Yankees won the first game of their series, the Mets won the first game of their series as well. Wait and see.

I faxed this post to the Tigers last night and they decided to put up.

Series tied, 1-1. 8)

You appear to be correct Kenny and the series might have to be played out prior to them wheeling out the weight challenged female. :smiley:

i picked the tigers to win in 5 games i believe, and so far i think it wont happen, because, the cardinals are hitting well, and they have some young pitching that is stepping up, i still think the tigers will win it, just not in 5, ill say it will be a 7 game series, tigers win 5-3 in a exciting game

Yeah, I don’t think it will go five games either. It’d be nice but it probably won’t. I agree. Tigers in seven.

I’m not sure I will ever understand how the Cardinals won this thing.

who called it

That’s not much of an accomplishment. There were only two teams involved. Anyone can guess the winner 50% of the time.

But nonetheless, congratulations. I’m calling Tigers in '07. Over the Marlins. 8)