World Series Winner

World Series Winner is…Can the LTP Forum pick the winner?

Its either Yankees or Dodgers

Being a Cards fan it pains me to say that I don’t see anyone in the NL that can match up with the Yanks this year. My poor Cards don’t look like they are going to make it out of the DS barring some kind of miraculous turn around. I’m not sure what happened to them over the last month but they just look like they have absolutely nothing left in the tank. I don’t see one person on that team other than Wainwright with any confidence. Carpenter looked like he’d rather be anywhere but on the mound last night. Even Pujols doesn’t look comfortable at the plate anymore. Someone must have brought a goat into the clubhouse or something.

I’ll take the bosox thanks. Two studs at the front end, a great bullpen, and a deep lineup. Remember this post.

I don’t think so :lol:

I don’t think so :lol:[/quote]

Best in the American League according to the numbers. There really isn’t anything to think about.

I am unapologetically (is that a word?) a Boston Red Sox fan for personal reasons so I’d like to think Hammer is right…

But tragedy and adversity can inspire athletic performance. The Los Angeles Angels have had such tragedy and adversity. The memory of Nick Adenhart and his death at the hands of a drunken driver has the potential to launch this team into the World Series where his teammates can prove how much they grieve his loss. They need to do this for themselves, Nick’s family and all Angels fans.

I wouldn’t rule them out.

I’m staying out of this, thank you. I’m not watching any of the playoffs; there are other things on the TV I can watch. Otherwise my blood pressure will skyrocket, and I don’t want that, and neither does my doctor. :roll:

I say the Yankees not just because I’m a fan but because they are really good if anyone takes the Yankees out though it will be the Angels in the ALCS.

…I’m remembering a post :lol:

My Cards have good company now at least.

…I’m remembering a post :lol:

My Cards have good company now at least.[/quote]

ya got me man… baseball is a funny funny game. Who woulda thought both beckett and lester lose, and then papelbon blows a save? And Carpenter and Wainright can’t get a win? Whatta weird game.

I guess I’ll take the Phillies now. Mark this post!

Hammeezy what happened? haha