World Series picks


Baseball season is here! Who do you guys have for the world series? This is my guess…

Yankees over Giants (4-2)


Astros vs Pirates.

Put money on the Astros to win the AL at 14 to 1.


Cubs vs. Yankees.


Cubs beat Rangers


Giants vs. Cubs and it’s an even year which means the Giants are probably going to win again.


Dodgers over Red Sox


only problem there is they’re both nl teams lol!


recent events may change some of these predictions surrounding the Cubs…


The Cubs are an offensive powerhouse.


Mets win it all


Why Yankees? I would like to know what I am missing?


haha i’m just a die hard fan. I honestly do think they have a shot though because they’re better than last year so i’m hoping they’ll go a couple round longer in the playoffs. There starting pitching really needs to step it up


Ok now it that makes sense. I am a Mets fan and think if they stay healthy there chances are real good.


Oh mets will be in first for sure. i don’t think they have any competition for first in that division but question is can they make it back to the world series


The Nationals are good. We will see. Let’s Go Mets!


mets vs yankees or cubs vs royals