World Baseball Classic

Hey folks.
I just noticed that Canada and the US are playing. It’s the bottom of the 2nd right now and Canada is way ahead at 1-0. :smiley:

Go Canada!!!

Just watched the Netherlands vs the Dominican Republic. 3-2 for the netherlands. What a surprise.

Go Netherlands :lol:

Bottom of 5 and US up 4-2. :frowning:

Canada just put in a pitcher with the slowest tempo I’ve ever seen. Throwing 85.

Wow!! How 'bout the Netherlands?


Oh man. So close.

Good job by the Canucks!! :bigtup:

Netherlands made me crap myself. :shock:
Yay for the USA.
Japan destroyed Korea, what happened Korea?

Who saw that ridiculous balk by the RHP submariner from China. Hilarious.

Seattle Mariners 1st round draft pick in 2007, Phillipe Aumont.

If you didn’t see Aumont pitch for Canada you missed a good lesson in pitching. He got in trouble with bases loaded, 0 outs.

Pedroia doubled.
Rollins singled.
Wild pitch to Chipper Jones…
Jones walks. Bases Loaded.

Truthfully…now you’re thinking…bad outing they’re goin to hang two on him at least.

Pitching Coach visits the mound. I’d love to know what he said to Aumont.

Wright lines out softly to SS.
Youkilis (pronounced YOU-KILL-US) strikes out swinging.
Granderson strikes out swinging.

Aumont comes off the mound pumping his chest! Wow.
That’s what you pitch for. :shock:

I’d love to have the curveball.

usa vs canada was a great game. i was there, a great atmosphere, kindof rare for a game in toronto. sell out, crowd was really into it loving the canadian team. canada remains our little brother.

Netherlands won again from the DR
They advance to round 2

I’d rate it as one of the better games I’ve seen…I love it when the whole group…both teams just leave it all out there…wow. Marmol never ever sweated and looked as shaken in all of the major league appearances I’ve seen him in, as he did last night. They got in his head…classic…thing of beauty…that double just started it…things weren’t so nice after that :shock:
If they post that inning on YouTube we need to put it as a sticky in the “Mental Aspect” forum.
Matter of fact I’ll look :wink:

Netherlands vs. Dominican was one of the best games I’ve seen in a while. When did this Netherlands team become a contender? It’s like they just pulled some pitching out of their @$$es and have themselves a pretty good little team there.
Here’s the closest I could find…I’d love to see the whole inning though…just watched the wheels came off

I’m glad to see the Dominican Team served a big slice of humble pie. What MLB teams did to the Dominican Republic is a perfect example of how money can ruin a beautiful thing. Bribes, lying about their age, passport forgery, cheating, steroids, bonus skimming and then the sheer ignorance and immaturity of these kids after all the crap MLB player development feed them. The love of the game has been replaced by the love of money. And it’s right out there for the whole world to see.

Sorry 'bout that…back to the show!!

BTW JD - Marmol… :thumbsdown: