What is a good workout for pitching … I do like back abs and legs the most… and RIstar if u say frickin tuff cuff … thats def gonna be a negative

I’m thinking Tuff CUff YUP I SAID IT TUFF CUFF. Did I mention to say anything about the best book ever Tuff Cuff?

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Need some specifics…
Age, Height/Weight, How long have you been training, what type of shape are you in, etc.

Sorry kc i’m 5’10… about 150 pounds throw lefty… umm im in pretty good shape… i go to the gym about 5 times a week but my problem is that i dont gain any weight… umm lets see I do separate muscle groups a day… like back one day… then like bi’s… then like shoulders n tri’s… then like legs then chest… but i heard benching messes up ur rotator cuff so im tryin 2 just do a bench machine with constricted motion

I’d rather see an athlete doing a less bodybuilder-like split. The body rarely ever functions in isolation, so training it in that manner is not optimal. The two best options in my eyes would be a 3 days a week fullbody, or 4 days a week upper lower split.

Whichever you chose, focus on these exercises:
Glute Ham Raises
Calf Raises
Inverted Rows
Bent over rows
High Pulls
Hang Cleans
(forget the bench press machine, just stick with dips and pushups for your chest and triceps).

Each workout should be made up of 6-8 exercises each performed for 3-4 sets. You want to have at least 20 total sets and 32 sets at most. Any more than that and you’ll see the effects of overtraining. Reps can vary from 3 or 4 on the low end, all the way to 15 per set on the high end. Obviously the reps will be closely correlated to the weight. You want to be able to complete the set without going to complete concentric failure (ie. I can’t physically do anymore). If you can complete the set easily, then add more weight. If you can’t finish the entire set, remove weight before the next set.

The main thing you need to remember is to work harder, not longer or more often. 5 days a week is a lot of time to be in the gym. Your body needs time to recover and rebuild itself bigger and stronger. If you are constantly taxing the system, you’ll see less recovery. That does not mean, however, that you should be avoid lifting heavy and having extremely difficult workouts. This is just a better way to get the strength results you want.

But the biggest factor for weight gain is nutrition. You can have the world’s greatest workout, but it would be a waste if you dont get enough calories and protein in your diet. Whatever you are eating now (try to get a rough idea of total calories per day) you need to take that and add 500. Eat often, 4-6 meals a day. Eat lots of lean protein and veggies. And try to stay away from overprocessed foods and sugary items. At 150 pounds, you should be eating 115 grams of protein each day. Keep track of how much protein you eat tomorrow and saturday and see how much you need to add.

alright thank you very much sir… but for dips… at hte gym i go 2… they have a machine where u sit down and u can change the weight… is that good… b/c my coach told me that normal dips tear up ur rotator cuff… and i dont know how to do dead lifts b ut for lower back i do this lower back extension where ur sittin down and u just lean back and stuff and its real good… but should i do squats or leg press… cuz i cant squat a lot but i can do leg press real well

Dips shouldn’t hurt your rotator cuff if you do them properly. However, you do see people who go into the exercise without any idea of how to do it, then they get hurt and blame the movement itself. You need to try out the movement once and see how well you can complete it. If you are unable to complete the full range of motion with full control of your body, then you need to work your way up. Remember to lower yourself down slowly and under control. The push upwards should be a bit faster, but still maintaining strict form and control. If you need to work your way up, the machine version is one option, the other would be to have a lifting partner give you some assistance by holding under your legs and lifting a bit. If you are deadset against benching, then dips and pushups are your other options.

As for deadlifts and squats: learn them! This is the perfect opportunity to work on your form and getting better. Find a coach, trainer, or friend and ask them to show you how to do the exercise then have them watch and critique your form. Start with low weight and look to slowly add weight. When I first learned these lifts, we didnt have any weight on the bars at all. Focusing on technique will help your strength improve immensely. You can also find tons of information about correct deadlift and squat form online, so be sure to check around.

The other exercises you mentioned, hypers (I think that is what you are talking about…) and leg press. Hypers - - work the lower back very well. It forces you to contract in the lower back and coreto stabilize the weight. Most people have a hard time with their bodyweight, but you can eventually work up to adding some weight plates, or even a barbell. I like this exercise. Deadlifts will target similar muscles, but it also hits the hamstrings as well as the lower back. Leg presses are more of a rehab type exercise. The weight moves on a fixed plane and you are sitting in a chair pushing up. Neither of those scenarios will ever happen in an athletic event. If you want to do leg presses, I’d do them in concert with squats (so in the same workout). That way you also work the stabilizer muscles and train the body to apply the quad strength in a standing position.

yaeh i did the lower body wrkout 2day and this guy who is a trainer said for deadlifts and squats that i have good form… so the only ? is idk how 2 do the high lifts or w/e they were and the hanging cleans… but other than that i threw some abs into the workout today and i did some forearm excercises do u know any workouts that will get my forearms real huge

High Pull -

Hang Clean -

And I have actually gained alot more forearm size and grip strength since I stopped training grip specifically. If you do heavy deadlifts, high pulls, and hang cleans, your grip and forearms will get bigger and stronger. There are plenty of options available to increase that type of strength. Check this site out:

alright so liek 2morro or sunday at teh gym… im gonna try high pulls and hanginng cleans… but i saw in the video that person goes mad low in the cleans… but i don think i should go that low… dips i think im gonna do on the machine… and i was confused wat the bent over row was and the inverted row was haha sorry