Can this workout help my velocity?
Monday-50-longtoss 35-wieghted ball throws 10 long sprints
Tues.-upper body workout 30 min. jog
wed.-Samething as tuesday on 15 short sprints
thurs.-lower body workout-30 min. jog
fri.-35 longtooss 15 weighted ball throws
sat.75 pitch bullpen session

What do you think? what do you suggest?

Jogging wont help your velocity, and some studies have shown that long, slow distance training can actually cause muscle to go from fast twitch (explosive movement type) muscle to slow twitch (think marathon runner). Sprints are a better way to work on conditioning that is still helpful for baseball type training.

As far as the workouts, it would depend on what you are doing in the program (upper and lower). A good workout can be very helpful.

what are you doing specifically for upper and lower body?
Do you do tubing every day?

on tues-thurs, you do upper body, upper body, then lower body. I think u should go upper, lower, upper. This will give ur muscles a chance 2 rest a day