hey guys im a junior now and im entering a big off season because i am depended on being the ace next season. i also want to try to play baseball somewhere in college and i know junior is a big year.

anyway i am going to the gym 5 days a week now. anyone with knowledge of working out if you could please comment on my program. i used a number of different resources: tuffcuff, defrancos training, and a few other books i have.

Dumbbell Bench Press
Barbell Bent Over Row
Lat Pull Down
Dumbbell Shrugs
Dumbbell Bicep Curl
Military Press

Stiff Leg Dead lift
Lunges with Med Ball Rotation
Calf Raise
Step Ups
Hip Adduction/ Hip Abduction

Side Planks
Straight Leg Raise
Pull Over
Either Bike or Treadmill

Barbell Bench Press
Barbell Bent Over Row
Chin Ups
Dumbbell Shrugs
Tricep Extension
Rotator Cuff Exercises

Leg Press
Stuff Dead Lift
Leg Curl/ Leg Extension
Calf Raise
Box Jumps
Hip Adduction/ Hip Abduction

where are the rep ranges?
bike/treadmill? why?

leg press? lat pulldown?

whats your goal?

ya im not sure on the reps and sets. i was told that i should vary that from week to week. lowering reps and increasing weight.

secondly i figured that i should try to stay conditioned throughout the off season, so one day of bike or treadmill shouldn’t hurt.

also i heard that using variations of workouts involving the same body part was good. for example squat and leg press, lat pulldown and chin ups, barbell bench press and dumbbell bench press. i could be wrong but thats why i posted this.

and my goal is to gain strength to increase my velocity and endurance on the mound. as for numbers i am 6’2 185, so i would like to get to 200 pounds.

what I would do is go for a split like

4-6 sets per body part to start What I have been doing, since its offseason, it 2-3 exercises per body part 3 sets of 8-12 reps. HEAVY

Compound movements. I recommend Squat, Deadlift, DB Bench, Bent over row. GET BIG!

Hoysauce is taking the bodybuilder route. I prefer Cressey’s approach: maximal strength + corrective exercise. That’s oversimplified, of course, but in essence what has worked for all his pro pitchers.

I would recommend that you do core exercises everyday, not just Wednesday. It would also help you if you did some Med ball work 2 nights a week to work on your explosiveness. Other than that your workout looks pretty good.

Too much volume, too many exercises.

Don’t forget about trying to improve or at least maintain your flexibility. There was a good post somewhere on this board not to long ago about some flexibility tests and strength balancing test - that help to explain how flexibility fit into hip-shoulder separation and how you should be balanced in both pulling and pushing strength. I’ll look & see if I can find the post.

thanks for all the input everyone.

ZW#17 ya do some core here and there on other days, but i concentrate on all core on wed. and thank you for the advice on med ball stuff

kyleb you said there is too much volume. what do you recommend i remove? i want to go to the gym 5 days a week im trying to make a program based around that.

kidmullen i would appreciate that because i obviously want to stay flexible but hit the weights. and i want to make sure i am staying flexible.

and for anyone, anything you recommended me remove or add for a pitcher?

This depends.
How is your diet?

uhhhhh not that good. i dont like a lot of meats. but i eat a lot of dairy and carbs.

You need just 5 or 6 main compound exercises done three or four days a week to be effective. You don’t need 30 exercises and need to be in the gym 5 days a week. That can lead to serious overtraining. I wrote about that phenomenon here:

An effective offseason workout for baseball pitchers can look something like this:

Workout A:
-Front Squat, 3x5
-DB Neutral Grip Bench Press, 3x5
-Power Clean, 5x3
-Reverse Crunches: 2x10

Workout B:
-Front Squat, 3x5
-DB Neutral Grip Overhead Press, 3x5
-Deadlift, 1x5
-Pull-Ups: 3 sets to failure

Simply alternate workouts A and B every other day, or you can alternate them on a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule (probably better).

You can light toss on Tuesday/Thursday and on Saturday, you can throw your max bullpen and do some running or metabolic conditioning.

Additionally, you should be eating around 1g/lb of bodyweight in protein. This is hard to do without eating a lot of meat.