Workout when sore?

Should I workout even if im a tad bit sore?

Sore, yeah. Injured, no.

I dont know of the exact reason but when im sore and not injured as KC said i like to lift. I do change the weights depending on how sore i am thought somedays i will go lighter if for one reason or another im really sore. I feel like working those muscles gets me back faster maybe its just like running and getting the blood flow in there helps.

only thing I won’t workout if i’m sore is my shoulder…if my throwing shoulder is sore I will do my very light 5lb rotator cuff exercises that I did in physical therapy for my shoulder injury but I won’t do any heavy shoulder exercises unless my arm is feeling 100%

I suggest lifting the day after you pitch. You might have to dial it back a notch but you still need to lift. Many times it will help get that soreness out. At the same time, you have to know whether you are just sore or if you are injured. It can be a very fine line.