Workout results

How long does an average program of weight traning take to see results? I have been working out for 3 months now and I havent seen an increase in my fastball (65 -70mph (14yr.old)). I am working on upper body and core Doing: bench press, shoulder rasies, triceps with bands, different types of curls, wrist excerses, sit ups, planks and side situps? Any suggestions, my gym has all types of machines and it is 10 to 15 min away from my house. I go mon, wed, and fri.

BTW I am 5’ 6" and 110(trying to gain weight) I throw 6 or 7 days a week with at least 4 days with long toss.

You have no exposive exercises in your routine. Try adding some olympic lifts like snatches or clean and jerks (and any of the variations like hang cleans, one arm DB snatches, etc.).

Remember that you want your body to accelerate quickly in a short amount of time. Bench pressing will help your overall strength, but most people do the movement very slow and deliberate. Also, you might want to add some more rotational movements, like russian twists and wood choppers.

Edit: the 110 pounds thing explains a lot. You really need to eat more. Lots more. Weight lifting wont have any effect if you dont give your body the calories it needs to build larger muscles. You need to be eating from the minute you wake up until right before bed. (Peanut butter sandwiches are good portable snacks for weight gaining. :wink: )

I do agree with KC on the explosive excersises. Atleast some power excersises (most things I have read say the squat and deadlift are far superior to the bench press in terms of total body strength and power).

If you choose to keep what you are currently doing, I recommend you atleast balance your routine. By this I mean for ever movement do some form of it’s opposite. That would be for instance bench press: some type of rowing motion.

Bench works chest and tris, a row will work your back and bi’s.

I think it’s also safe to assume you are still developing physically, you will see differences in velocity, strength and power, from peaking out in your development alone.

And yes you are one thin kid, I was somewher in that ballpark, maybe even a little skinnier. Was 5’11" 130, I believe I’m about 6’ 140 at this point though (attribute the weight gain to diet and working out).

Of one more tip, since you want to gain weight, avoid doing cardio, for one baseball players don’t really need it, and you don’t want to burn extra calories anyways.

Thanks for the suggestions(yes, I am working on the gaining weight part!!)

One More Question… What should i try and make my desired weight? around 125(more…less)?

125 Sounds pretty good for someone 5’6". I’m 15, 5’8" 130 lbs (fastball tops out around 75). I’m trying to get up around 140.

But remember your gonna get taller, so adjust you weight accordingly.

135-145 is the optimum weight for someone that is 5’6".

yea im in the same boat as you im 13 6 foot 110lbs and working out and trying to gain weight i do basicaly the same excersises you listed. my problem is not working out its not being able to eat as much as i should. any suggestions on how to help me with that?

Holy crap… 6 foot and 110 pounds :shock: That is bordering on very unhealthy and underweight.
The easiest way to eat more and gain weight is to have more meals throughout the day (not “snacks”, meals). Most people that are really skinny have a small stomach and small appetite. If you weight a couple hours in between each meal you eat, you let the stomach process the food.
So I would do something similar to this if you want to gain weight (I’ll lay it out in a schedule that would correspond with school, since you both are school aged).

Breakfast 7am
Oatmeal (or cereal if you really dislike oatmeal)
2 whole eggs

Mid-morning Meal (break/ recess/ whatever you call it) 10:30 am
1 or 2 PB&J sandwiches
Carton of Milk

1 or 2 Chicken or Turkey Sandwiches
Milk or Juice

Afternoon Meal 3:30
1 or 2 PB&J or
Protein/ Weightgain Shake

Large portion of meat (doesn’t matter what kind)

Nighttime Meal 8-9 pm
1 or 2 PB&J sandwiches (getting tired of PB&J yet?)
or Cottage cheese/ yogurt/ fruit

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the above. If you don’t like one of the foods I used, substitute something you do like. It will be hard at first, but eventually you will settle into the routine. You’ll feel better, too. I haven’t ran the numbers, but that should be around 3000 calories a day. If you dont gain weight after eating like that for 2 weeks then you need to go up to 3500 calories a day and see what happens. You want to gain around 2 pounds a week. To do that, you need to consume 3500 more calories each week than your body burns.

So, the answer to weight gain lies in the spoon and fork, not the squat rack :wink:
Edit: Before anyone asks, peanut butter is an old football secret for gaining weight. And it tastes good, so I like it. If you dont want to eat the same thing that many times, switch it up with turkey breast, chicken, tuna, etc. etc. Just make sure you eat something.

Thanks for the suggestions in early July I was 102 now (1 1/2 months later) I am 110. I have been getting better eating 4 or 5 “meals” a day.

dude, where are your leg workouts??? Sqauts? Leg press? Leg Extensions? Hamstring Curls? Deadlifts? If you want to gain velocity, then you have to do these leg workouts. Bench Press will hurt your shoulders unless if you do it with low weight and high reps. And instead of bench press, you should be doing Dumb Bell Bench Press because its a more natural movement and less damage to your shoulders, and if you do these, I would suggest doing them on those excercise balls, you know the bouncy ones. You just lay flat on your back on em, and try to act like your actually laying down on a bench with your feet planted on the ground firmly, trust me, its not exactly easy the first couple times. But yeah you have to do these Leg workouts or you wont get anywhere with velocity.

I do agree… to a point. Concerning leg extensions and hamstring curls, check my reply to redsox’s post. He is very correct about leg workouts (can’t believe I missed that… :shock: ). You need to work the body from head to toe. Deadlifts and squats are a great option. You can add other stuff like jump squats, burpees (google it), lunges, and so on. try new exercises and see what you like to do.