Workout regular season

Good morning everyone,

I want to congratulate all the staff for your professionality and for help and for help given.

I’m Italian, in our country unfortunately baseball is not much followed, the soccer is the sport dominant.
I play to baseball from 22 years and I’m a pitcher from 13 years, I’m self taught with internet and books information, because in my team there isn’t a pitching coach.
I’m a starting pitcher and the day of match is sunday.
My kind of workout is:

Monday 40 min.of running, exercise for cuff with light weight, excercise with elastic, stretching.
Tuesday 10 min. for warm up, excercise for stability, stretching, 40 long trow 82 feet,30 min. of running,light stretching.
wednesdayday off
Friday10 min.of running, excercise for stability, pick-off on the bases, catch infield and trow on the bases, 30 min of running,light stretching.
friday10 min.of running, stretching, bullpen of 50 trows, 10 left of the plate, 10 right of the plate, 10 curveball, 10 change up, 10 slider.
Sunday match.
I’ve a diastase acromion/clavicle but beefing up the shoulder and doing some massages I’ve fix the problem almost completely.
So, my questions are? It’s a good divided workout? When I put the ice on my shoulder and for how many time?

Thank you so much for you info.