Workout Questions

What do you all think about this 4-day program?

Day 1:
Squats 4x6
Wide Grip Deadlift 3x6
Lunges 3x8
Step Up 3x8
Ham Curls 3x10
Calf Circuit 3x
Hypers 3x10
Ab circuit 3x

Day 2:
Med Ball Pushups 3x
Machine Rows 3x10
Scap Dips 3x10
Med Ball Tossups 3x15
Wrist Circuit 3x15
Plate Holds 3xFailure

Day 3: Repeat day 1

Day 4: Repeat day 2

*I am also on the Alan Jaegers throwing program which i perform 4 times a week and do some sort of cardio 20-25 minutes 3-5 times a week

As usual, too many exercises, not enough of the good ones.

what about

Day 1
Bench Press 4x5
Seated Cable Rows 4x5
Dumbell Bench Press 4x5
Pull ups to failure/lat pulldowns 4x5
Bent over Dumbell rows 4x5
Ab circuit of your choice

Day 2
Squat 4x5
Deadlift (any grip/stance) 4x5
Bulgarian Split Squats 4x5
Glute Ham Raise 4x5
Box Jumps 4x5 as high as possible
Ab Circuit of your choice

Day 3: Repeat Day 1

Day 4: Repeat Day 2

I would put all the med ball work into the ab circuit. The set and rep ranges would also depend on your goals.

Way too much volume. Squats and split squats in the same day? Good luck progressing on that.

Kyle, I figure it easier to ask you questions on existing threads rather than create new ones. Concerning rows, does gripping the bar/machine overhand or underhand have any correlation to the muscles that the exercise works? Would either work different muscles than the other?

Yes, it does, since if you grip it underhand, you will use significant elbow flexion and work your biceps at the expense of your lats and shoulders. Do barbell rows with a pronated overhand grip and do them with strict form.

Google or YouTube -> Pendlay Row for the correct technique.

BTW I did explosive deadlifts with a 4x5 at 170/180/190/200
It was obscene, my butt still hurts. I like your style.

[quote=“Hoysauce”]BTW I did explosive deadlifts with a 4x5 at 170/180/190/200
It was obscene, my butt still hurts. I like your style.[/quote]

They’re pretty rough. Speed deadlifts are often done 10x2, by doing 2 reps explosively, then rest for 30s, then 2 reps explosively, rest for 30s, etc. Keep the weight the same. If a single rep slows down, then the weight is too heavy.

I would focus mostly on doing one set of very heavy deadlifts every other workout (1x5) and increasing the weight by 10 lbs. each time.

I built up from a 225 lb. deadlift six months ago to a 1RM of 500 lbs. just a few weeks ago. All it requires is not missing workouts and not screwing around. My squat of 435 and deadlift of 500 are testaments to that.

what would you suggest then? for a good introduction.