Workout Program

I need a goow workout program if anyone could help me. I am waiting on my credit card to be sent here, and it will take about two more weeks until I can order Mr. Ellis’ book. I have all the workout equipment imaginable, but I can’t stay very consistant between missions. I have a guy to throw with, but I also need some good drills. My 2 and 4 seam fastballs are getting good movement and velocity, but my off speed pitches suck right now. I only pitched for about 8 months before my first deployment, and I relied mostly on my fastball. I was a 1-2 inning type guy, but I will need more variety on a pro level. I have been working on a curve and Mr. Ellis’ knuckle curve, but my lack of movement won’t fool anyone. Thanks for any help or advice yall can give.

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