Workout Program: Does it need adjusting?

This is the throwing program I have set for this summer.

Monday- Long Toss
Tuesday- Long Toss/Full Body Workout
Wednesday- Day Off
Thursday- Long Toss/Full Body Workout
Friday- Long Toss
Saturday- Throw off Mound
Sunday- Day off/Full Body Workout

Could this program be adjusted? If yes, then how so? I want to have the healthiest program possible, and I need help doing so.

if you want to pitch better you need to have more bull pen days. i have about 3 a week including games. it doesnt matter how many you have if you know how to pace yourself and throw smartly as in not wearing your arm out by throwing game speed every time. try throwing on one day focusing strictly on mechanics then the next day or 2 later throw at game speed. ill give you an example of what i think would be appropriate.

Say you had a game on Saturday and you threw 70-100 pitches.

Sunday: I like to lift weights the day following pitching.

Monday: light medium depth tossing.

Tuesday: Bullpen 75-80% focusing on mechanics.

Wednesday: Long toss to a distance you feel comfortable with. Weightlifting folling longtossing

Thursday: Bullpen: 40-50 pitches work slowly getting up to game speed for the last 10-15 pitches.

Friday: toss lightly. we work on PFP’s (pitchers fielding practice)

Saturday: start again.

I know thats a lot of throwing but im a strong believer that the more throwing you do the more it will beinifit you (throwing fastballs that is)
I feel i bounce back quicker after throwing alot during the week. Also adjust to if you are throwing a different times of the week like relieving. Or you can discard this message…

im not asking for an in season workout, my season is over tomorrow (i live in fl). do you have an offseason version for me?

what part of florida? i live in pompano beach. play summer ball. thats my suggestion. play as much as you can. experience as well as hard work makes you better. if you dont play summerball, just get onto the mound as much as possible and throw bullpens probably 3 or 4 times per week. but my best suggestion would be to play for a summer team. im playing for a travelball league and a legion team. post 142. nothing can replace in game experience

im not gonna be able to play baseball this summer because im goin up north to massachusetts. but i will have someone to catch bullpens for me.

I like Mcelmeel’s program, but I’d go with 3 fullbody workouts during the week instead of just two. Space them every other day. I’d also add a day or two for plyos/sprinting.

KC, did you see my post that I am now in the offseason. I need an offseason schedule, not an inseason one.

…which is why I said to lift more and add plyos. Being out of season doesn’t mean that you should completely abandon non-long toss throwing. You have 4 long toss days and one day going off the mound.

If you have a really specific goal in mind, maybe I could offer more constructive advice. But you said that you wanted the “healthiest program,” and in my mind that would be a well balanced program. That should include weightlifting, plyos, pitching, long tossing, sprinting. If you want to focus completely on one aspect of development, you’d want to switch things a bit.

yes i know, i am going to be doing all of these things, but the schedule mcmeel posted was a program on how to get ready for a start. I dont want that. This is another I came up with today in school. I might be a lock for a job at Subway, so I am going to have to scruture it according to my schedule.

Monday- Throw a Bullpen, then work.

Tuesday- Do fullbody workout and sprints.

Wednesday- Long Toss, then work.

Thursday- Do Upperbody Workout and sprints.

Friday- Long Toss, then work.

Saturday- Do Lowerbody workout and plyos.

Sunday- Long Toss, then work.

If you want to lift 3 days a week, full body would be better. Recovery takes about 48 hours, so you want to hit the major muscle groups about every other day. Upper/Lower split would be better if you lift 4 days a week (or more).