Workout plan

does anyone know of a good offseason workout plan that is specifically for pitchers. if someone knows of the workouts that the mlb pitchers use that would be great.


This fits the bill exactly. Steve states that the exercises used in the program are the exact same as ones he used in college and pro baseball.

So far I haven’t heard a negative review of the program. And even one of the forums most picky and stubborn members has said it is awesome.

Yes Tuff Cuff is awsome and i’m the guy thats picky.

The only thing I changed is the leg press, leg extension and leg curls and I do more lunges and things that are mulitplaner when I see the exercises that deal with two legged exercises. Also Shoulder Press, Incline Press and the shoulder exercises with machines I do push-ups on different planes like box push up or plyometric push-up.

but beside that I do everything else I just feel a exercises that 2 legged when pitching is one legged alot of the time should focus more on things that deal with the sport like lunges with twists or more plyometrics.

The program gets an A just not an A+ because im picky. Go ut and buy this it has everythign from warm-up to a all year round workout including inseason for starting pitchers and relief pitchers. Along with the right way to eat GO OUT AND BUY THIS.

what is TuffCuff?

TuffCuff sounds great!!!

yea TuffCuff certainly is amazing and is worth the money

ok, thanks