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Back when i was like in fifth grade, i was thinking, and i thought, if a donut can make you swing faster, can throwing something heavy make you throw faster? So I started and continue to use weighted baseballs and they have helped. BUT then i wondered if throwing something HEAVIER than a weighted ball would help. so i picked up a 2 lb dumbbell and started throwing it, with my arm moving as fast as possible(not actually releasing it), then bringing it back up to the starting position and doing it again. the next day, my elbow was sore, but it was like lactic acid sore, not injured or hurting. I could still throw perfectly fine, and the soreness went away in like two days. I noticed my self throwing noticeably faster when i pitched a few days later. That was a few years ago, I have only done the same thing every once in a while, but i haven’t done it in like a year (because i can be lazy), and i have done the workout with weights much larger than 2 lbs, but i did it again last week after not doing it for a while, and i KNOW for sure that i was throwing harder when i pitched. I have googled all over and i have only found this workout on one website but i dont have the link and can’t refind it. I haven’t seen this workout in any pitching workout, all of the pitching workouts work on the shoulder, not the elbow. Doesn’t the elbow play a big role in pitching? If my elbow was sore doesn’t it show that my elbow was the weakest part of my body and was keeping me from reaching my full potential?

first of all donuts don’t actually make you swing faster. They make you feel like you’re swinging faster.

Also I’m not saying I don’t like weighted balls, but how do you know you were throwing any harder besides the ball feeling lighter?

Just because I put more stress on a certain body part and make it sore doesn’t mean that was necessarily your “weakest link.” I can hammer calf raises for 2 hours and make them sore it doesn’t mean thats my weak link.

Not necessarily, the soreness could be a result of holding onto the weight during what should be the deceleration phase of your throwing motion putting extra stress on the elbow.

There are a few good weighted ball programs. Steven has the one he used listed in the articles section of this site, good program. Kyle b. has a program on his site that is downloadable, good program, actually the one my son is doing now. Also, House has a program, pretty expensive, and not sure what’s involved.

If you’re set on a weighted ball program, do your research and find the one that suits you the best.

First of all, good job for actually thinking about this stuff, rather than solely going off what people tell you. The world could use a few more original thinkers in it, especially in baseball.

Now, as LL said, a donut doesn’t actually speed up your bat when you switch to a regulation bat; it actually can slow it down significantly.

Throwing weighted implements (with and without a release) can help improve your fastball velocity. Turn 22 references a free book on weighted baseball training

I wrote, which is pretty basic but might help you out.

i think what i discovered is called underload/overload training, that overloading the arm with weight makes the arm stronger, and underloading it with little to no weight makes the arm quicker. I researched this and some people say this causes injuries, but it only causes the arm to be stronger and quicker, the injuries come from the bad mechanics.

Most programs I’ve researched recommend no more than 20% additional weight than a standard 5oz. baseball. Staying within these parameters shouldn’t alter mechanics or cause injuries.

I would read my book. We exceed 20%.

Kyle, I’ve read your book and I think where yours differs from the other programs I’ve looked into is that there is more of a graduated overload in your program allowing more than the 20% without altering arm path.

Without shamelessly plugging your book, my son has found your program to be very effective so far.

Well, good! Email me the results when you finish up. Would love to hear them.

[quote]Well, good! Email me the results when you finish up. Would love to hear them.

Will do.