Workout help? am i old enough?

Im 15 years old 5’10 150 pounds. I no that all bodys mature faster then others and stuff. But i dont want to do exercies that might hurt my future. So as a 5’10 150 pound (Supposed to 6’1 - 6’2) 15 year old do you think im old enough to do a lot of power lifts. Like bench press, power clean, jerk press, deadlift, and squats. So if you were my age height and weight would you perform these exercises, or which ones would you do?

Consider you are 15. Most freshman are 15 I believe.
I would say almost 100% of high school football teams around the country are doing some of the lifts and freshman are on high school football. That doesn’t make it right. But I also see no problem with it either. My point was that many many people are already lifting with no problems.

In Eastern Bloc Countries and Now in China they have kids olympic and powerlifting at the age of 9 and earlier.

Although since you are lifting to be an athlete I see no reason to be lifting in the 1 rep max range. That is when it can get dicey. Especially if you haven’t grooved your form and mechanics.

There are plenty of research to show kids can do it safely i there pre-teens.

Form and not worrying about your ego with poundages is huge.
And seriously when you start lifting don’t listen to what other people say they lift. First off when you start you make really fast gains and will jump up to other peoples level quickly. Second off high school lifts numbers are generally bogus.
There really aren’t that many high school kids that can squat 4 plates (405) or bench 3 plates (315). However, Squatting 300 is almost 350, and 350 is pretty close to 405. LOL. I hope you get my point.