Workout for velocity

lets try this again… whats the best workout to add velocity fast? I have been doing this workout 2 times a week along with throwing 4 times a week

lateral raise 3x10
front raise 3x10
post delt raise 3x10
full can 3x10
external rotation with bands 3x10
internal rotation with bands 3x10
push ups 2x10
wrist curls palms up 2x failure
wrist curls palms down 2x failure.
along with some scapular exercises

and we do a fullbody workout in school that we do 3-4 times a week. what do you guys think? all of the exercises are with 5lb dumbells.

Looks like a pretty good workout. Make sure you work on building your trunk up so add in some squats and I can probably show you some other movements you can do with those rubber bands. To work every part of your rotator cuff I would always hold the rubber band in different positions. When doing external/internal rotations hold the rubber band in a regular fastball position, curve ball position, and change-up position. This should also help in your workout for those specific pitches. Make sure you get functionally strong and not bodybuilder strong.

Looks good so far, but you need leg and core work. Try to add sit ups lunges squats etc.

only God can add safe velocity quickly in my opinion. I don’t think you can build adequate arm strength to pitch in 2 to 3 weeks.

school workout has bench, squat, deadlifts once a week, along with hamstring and back work, bicep, tricep, forearm, its a fullbody split

im just adding those exercises for that work

and maybe someone could help but the inside of my elbow has been getting sore easily lately

im hitting somewhere around 70 now I think So ill be pitching on Jv, I just wanted to get up to maybe 72-75.