Workout for pitcher after labrum surgery

It has been 10 weeks since my 16 year old son had labrum surgery.One tear had 2 anchors and the other just sutered.Rehab has been extremely positive.only wore sling for 2 weeks except for at school and around other kids to keep them from pulling on his arm.Last week he was told by his start working out.this last week he has only done benching and jobe exercises.Anyone have a good routine to bring him back slowly.Thanks

I suggest checking with ASMI. I believe they have a rehab type of throwing program. The ASMI website is][u]here[/u
and it has a link in the upper right corner to their discussion forums where you can ask.

I would stay away from bench press and do pushups instead. If you insist on benching, use dumbbells and stay away from barbells. Much easier on the shoulder.

Right now he can toss the ball 10 to 15 ft.after he goes back to the dr in 6 weeks he starts on a throwing program the dr got from the university of alabama.The rehab place he is going to told him to bench just not heavy benching.They told him to do chest &shoulders on mon,back & arms on wed,legs on fri.but they never gave him any specific exercises,which is what i/m looking for.

For legs, he can deadlift/squat. For chest/shoulders with someone returning from labrum surgery with anchors put in, I’d probably avoid anything that causes a lot of humeral translation. So no pec flys, rows, or really too much benching to be honest.

This is one case where barbell benching might be superior to DB benching due to injury purposes. Letting the DBs move too far beyond the acromial line can cause some problems if you have pre-existing shoulder injuries, especially to the labrum.

I’d focus on chin-ups, pull-ups, some barbell benching, and push-ups for the upper body exercises.

2 months out of labrum surgery and he’s tossing a baseball already?

I had a SLAP tear and had the surgery back in February and I still haven’t thrown a baseball yet.

I’m a little skeptical about him throwing after 10 weeks. And really he should just be doing legs and if there is any shoulder exercise it doesn’t need to really be over 5 lbs.

Throwing 10 to 15 ft isnt much but has made him feel much better after missing his sophomore season.Should have seen his eyes light up after getting to throw a tennis ball at pt.He couldn’t wait to tell me.He has been doing extremely well.Almost no pain right after surgery.Had to make him take a pain pill before he went to pt next day after surgery.They told him they’ve never seen anyone with that range of motion day after surgery.Ended up only going a few times to pt because his range of motion was so far ahead of his healing.Now he goes once a week and they put him through his paces pretty good.His dr trained under dr.Andrews and we have been very happy with him.Just trying to get a few ideas to help with his workouts

Sounds like he’s doing great! Keep it up!

kyleb, what’s wrong about DB/BB floor press?

Did the doctor happen to be Emblem?

Dr.Jesse Pace.Couldnt ask for a better dr.