Workout for a 13 year old

Hey guys, I’ve been wondering what a good workout is for a pitcher my age that plays multiple sports (baseball, basketball, and soccer). Right now, I’m on a baseball team and a travel soccer team, and since I will likely be captain of my school’s soccer team in the fall, I have decided to dedicate myself to soccer during this summer, after baseball season is over.

I plan to work out every weekday, running 2-3 miles each day with plyometrics or sprint work, followed with pushups, pullups, situps, and other bodyweight exercises. Also doing 3 or 4 soccer specific drills, too.

Is there any way I can add pitching specific exercises to this? and hopefully make it a little more structured?

Add medicine ball throws and mobility drills. Drop the situps and add planks.

sounds good. ladder work okay?

Ladder work would be beneficial. I would also alternate between ladders and dots 4-5 days a week.

yeah we do the dot drill a lot for basketball it’s really beneficial