Workout for 11year old

I am 11 and I want to do some in home workouts. I am looking for workouts that will benefit my pitching. Any ideas o what I should do?

One of the best things I can recommend is playing lots of catch—lots of throwing. Get hold of a good catcher and do some every day, because this will strengthen your arm and make for flexibility. And do a couple of bullpens every week—two or three, and when you do them make sure to throw all of your pitches, at different speeds, and concentrate on locating those pitches. My wise and wonderful pitching coach, an active major league pitcher, told me this: “Move the ball around—high, low, inside, outside, work the corners, change speeds, and stay away from the middle of the plate!” To which I would add: throw strikes. You might have someone stand in the batter’s box, on either side, so you can really pinpoint the strike zone. :baseballpitcher: