Workout Feedback for a 14 Yr. Old

Wanted to get feedback on an off-season workout plan for a 14 Yr. old entering HS. Clocks FB about 70 mph with reasonable control; decent 4-seam, 2-seam, curve, change-up


  1. Warmups/Band work
  2. Long Toss
  3. Weighted Ball Routine
  4. Med Ball - Overhead Slams
  5. Upper Body Weight-lifting (pushups, DB rows, DB pullovers}


  1. Warmups/Band work
  2. Bullpen (40 pitches max)
  3. Med Ball - Vertical Tosses, Side/Lateral Tosses
  4. Lower Body Weight-lifting (squats, one-leg deadlifts, side lunges)
  5. Ab Work (planks, etc…)

Too much, too little, ???

I think 2 bullpens with only 1 day in between along with weighted balls before, in between and after plus weight training is too much. Also, you don’t say how much long toss is done.

Good point. Perhaps moving the second bullpen to a Saturday would give a little more rest. Long toss is about 15 minutes, out to about 200’ and then back to 60".