Workout Compilation Video: Driveline Baseball

Here’s a fun video compiled of a lot of stuff our guys do. Not just baseball athletes, but all guys.

Definitely will be making a second one that shows off more speed/agility things. Hope you enjoy it!

Unbelieveable, great job, that video is awesome.

Very nice, Kyle. I’ve noticed more and more broad jumping and vertical jumping in pitching workouts. Can you comment on the value? I think it’s great but just wondering about the theory behind it.


Thanks! I hope to have more speed/agility stuff in the next video to make it look a little more exciting. :slight_smile: The kids love shooting this kind of video, so we’ll be sure to add a bunch of Olympic lifts, plyometric work, and stuff outdoors too. (Snowing now, grrr)


Our primary metrics for power development in the lower half are the broad jump and the power clean (older athletes only). There’s trouble with the vertical leap measurement (hard to measure accurately; easy to cheat), which is why we typically use broad jump only.

We like developing speed-strength in the lower half with fast box squats, countermovement jumps, and general plyometric/jumping work. Proficiency in these movements has been linked to faster 30-yard and 40-yard dash times and quicker 20-yard shuttle times, both of which are looked at by college and pro scouts. (To say nothing of their benefit on the diamond!)

We also think that developing better reactive strength in the lower half can increase fastball velocity by improving the rate at which the muscles fire. Additionally, general motor control and kinesthetic sense goes up with these types of movements in ways that general weight training does not (and the reverse is true too). So we like to build a well-rounded athlete here.