Working with dual arm slots/new pitches

So one of the things I was told to play with this fall is a lower arm slot or a new pitch, so I’ve decided to start playing around with both. In high school I threw a slider so that was the obvious pitch to start throwing again, and I’ve done that. I get good break on it and everything, but I still am more of a high 3/4’s arm slot with the pitch than directly over the top, so how do I get it over the top with good movement? Mind you my other pitches are a 4-seam, 2-seam, 12-6 curve, and circle change.

Another thing that I am playing with is a sidearm arm slot as well, and using that and over the top as a pitcher, but I have no idea how to begin throwing sidearm in anything except of the stretch. For sidearmers, do they long toss sidearm as well as pitching sidearm? Because I understand the motion but it feels so strange and like I cannot get as much behind the pitch. When I throw from the stretch as a sidearmer, I can almost get the same velocity, but lose a lot of movement on the slider, which seems really strange to me, and I don’t have a clue how to throw a curveball then either.

I appreciate any help you can give me.

of course you have the last word on this topic, but you’re telling me you throw a 4-seam a changeup and a 12-6 curve,

what i want to know first, is what kind of curveball is it? is it a big loop curve with big break? im almost positive it is.

I also throw a 2-seam, but my curve is 12-6, tight but not thrown super hard. So it isn’t slow and loopy, but it isn’t fast and sharp either. Why?

i would go with what you hace right now. instead of going for a slider i would get that good curveball you got and refine it. throw your curveball harder lower the loop in it, make it come out more like a fastball so you get more of a powercurve by releasing it further out in front of you and take advantage of your ability to get 12-6 movement. you dont need an other pitch, you dont need an other arm slot, you might need to have one of your pitch refined. most people would tell you to work on your change up, but this is just a additional pitch for you.

of course i dont know you personally but this is what i feel when reading your post.

Normally, I would agree, but this is what my coach wants to see. He has got it in his mind that I have an average velocity, some good pitches, but need to change either my arm slot or create a new pitch. I love throwing over the top and it is completely natural for me, being able to throw from two slots however would set me apart from everyone. This is what he talked about before. I’m nothing new, every pitcher has a fastball, curve, and change. Being able to change slots and add a new pitch to my repertoire over the off season gives me that advantage and makes me unique.

Throwing 95 mph would make me unique too, but that doesn’t happen overnight and while I am working hard to gain as much velo as possible during the off season, I am really trying to make it so I don’t spend another season on the college JV team.

So back to the original question: ideas? comments?

I think that you should go with whatever your natural arm slot is and not confuse the issue with trying to throw one pitch one way and another pitch another way. Now, if you were to take one pitch and throw it from a couple of different arm slots, that would be a good thing—I’m thinking of Orlando Hernandez, “El Duque”, who could throw any of his pitches from several different angles. What’s more important is location—what I call control—and command of your stuff; you should zero in on that aspect. And one more thing—if you can throw sidearm, you have an additional weapon that will work with only that delivery—the crossfire, a beautiful and absolutely lethal move that will work with any pitch.
I was a natural sidearmer—not much on speed, but I had a very good arsenal of pitches that I built up around a slider and a knuckle-curve, and I had the control and command of all of them. And I used that crossfire extensively—I had fallen so in love with it that I wound up using it almost all the time, which fact was not lost on my pitching coach; one day when he was helping me resolve a problem with the circle change he said to me, “I know you’re going to crossfire it—you use that move with everything you throw.” How to confuse and discombooberate the batters. 8) :baseballpitcher:

this is exactly the wuote of a kid who’s about to enter a very long and very unproductive stretch. trust me on that.

dont believe that. :cry:

of course you wont do it, but i want you to check these guys and tell me one thing they have in common

roy halladay
cc sabbathia
jamie moyer
catfish hunter
nolan ryan
randy johnson
roger clemens
tom glavine

A++ fastball.

these guys can throw the baseball whereever they want whenever they want at any given time in any situation, any count and its a good fastball with movement. if you check these guys out you’ll notice they basically are all the same, fastball, change up, breaking ball.

they all throw from different arm angles but that didnt get in their way of getting batters out.

if anything, in the off season YEAH you should add on a pitch, a FASTBALL i mean a real one! A fastball that will strike fear on the opposite bench when they’ll realize you’ve got pure command of it. then you can throw the yellow hammer on them, they are so scared of your fastball that my grandma’s curveball would probably do the trick.

i know you know its all about setting batters up. dont waste your off season trying to develop something that you will most likely drop in a couple months and take this time to become a pitcher, work on that fastball, throw the god damn thing!!