Working with a pro

I live in Binghamton and the New York Mets double-A team is affiliated here. Is there anyway I could get one of the teams pitchers to work with me on the side? Do they even do that kinda stuff? Would they even consider it?

More than likely not. They are working on making it up to the bigs…Spending time away from that is unproductive. The good news is that you may have a chance with the pitching coach. Contact the team. I’m not sure about the colleges/universities in your area, but that is a great place to look for instruction. It is in their best interests to try to develop young pitchers, so I suggest you check into that. Don’t just call, go and see them, it will be a great experience.
Just to let you know, my son works with an ex-pro, who uses university facilities to teach…and he met him rhrough going to summer clinics offered by that university. Good Luck!

So contacting the coaches of the area colleges is a good place to look for training? Binghamton University and Broome Community College each have baseball teams. Only Binghamton U. has camps though and they are for 14 and under. Would contacting through the school website be any good?

Sure, but to give you an example, Bob Shepherd is the pitching coach at the University of North Florida, he has told me a hundred times that if I want to contact him, I should call him directly…why? well think about it, the guy is on the field most of the day, he has a family, do you think he wants to sit around reading/answering emails/ looking at vids from all over the country until all hours of the night? He can return a call at his convienience if you leave a message. Another thing he has told me many times is that it does really impress him when a kid takes the time to make a phone call to him. Dads like me can spend hours attempting to get our kids a look see, but when a kid has the guts and desire to call him and ask questions or get instruction he will almost always take the time, remember about what I said about they need to develop players for the long haul, life is seldom about folks who just do things for others, Bob gets a pay check for doing what he does…believe me he wants to keep getting it, if he doesn’t keep quality kids in the chute he may as well start selling shoes.
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I grew up in Utica, NY, and used to play each summer in the American Legion World Youth Baseball Classic. I know the area well.

I’d contact Bill Thurston at Amherst College in Mass. He’s just over the NY-MASS border, about 25 minuted east of Albany. He doesn’t advertise “lessons” but you can look him up on the Amherst College baseball team Web site, and contact him that way.

He charges about $150 for a 3 hour session. It’s videotaped. You’ll really get a lot out of it. I did. (I worked with him for 7 years, even after I was drafted in 2000 and 2001.)