Working with a 12-6 delivery :: 15 yr old - 78mph

I’ve been working with a young man for the past few weeks who has a high 3/4 to 12-6 style of delivery. I’ve been noticing that as GS foot is reaching contact, he’s getting a nice arch to his back where the chest is “puffing” out.
It’s almost to the point where he looks like a high jumper (maybe not that drastic, but gives you an idea of what I’m referring to).

Would like to start some discussion around this as he does tend to leave the ball up in the zone on his misses.

I’m going to try and post some video to help give some visuals.

Check his release point. If he’s releasing the ball too soon, the pitch will be low regardless of what delivery he’s using, and conversely (as I suspect is happening), if he releases the ball too late the pitch will be high. If he’s missing high with his pitches, he needs to alter his release point so that the pitches will not go over the batter’s head. 8)

Ok so here is a video of the young man I’ve been working with…
I’d love to hear some other opinions on mechanical fixes that we can work on. He is right around 76-78 with the fast ball and has good movement on his curve and an average change up. His biggest struggles are leaving a lot of his pitches up in the zone.

Thoughts welcome.

Must make vid not private… :shock:

Guess I missed that huh! :lol:

Should be all good now.