working out

okay well ive been told the working out wont help at all with velocity, because you dont want a “strong” arm you want a “fast” Arm. But ive also been told that you need to get stron to throw hard.

don’t listen to whoever is telling you that working out won’t help. If you want to throw harder, get in the weight room. it will give you more power in the lower body. also try to get some elastic tubing to work your rotator cuff with. it really helps to strengthen your arm and prevent injury.

okay because im a sophmore and my fastball sits around 80, and im trying any thing that might help me get my fastball to 85 by my JR year. So ive been down the gym every day and i just wanted to make sure im on the right path

and another thing, do you think that is a achievable goal? if i long toss or throw a bullpen session pretty much every day along with my workout( i do a lot of lowerbody, rotater cuff, and forearm work)

you should be able to at least get close. just because of natural arm strengthening, you are supposed to be able to gain 4 mph every year until you are 16-18.(I read this in Stevens book, The ultimate guide to advanced pitching) Also make sure you don’t overthrow. if it’s the offseason make sure you don’t throw everyday.

well our highschool team didnt make playoffs so now its summer league time, but yeah im serious about it so im gunna work my ass off

The main muscle you need for pitchers are strong legs,core,back,shoulders now those are the muslce i work on the most but i dont neglect the chest, and other parts of the arm rather then trying to build muscle mass and size i just go to get them cut focus more on the 12-15 rep range in those muscles because you really dont want huge chest and arms when your pitching it will hinder your throwing a little.

Also focus alot on stretching. I believe keeping your flexibility up is key to staying injury free. If your going to be pumpin hard in the gym your going be really tight especially the first month or 2. so make sure to do alot of stretching before and after working out.