Working Out Sore

Should you continue to work out if you are sore? If so even if its lite work what if you are feeling it day to day. Should you wait until your 100%

If the soreness is to the point that it causes you to alter your mechanics, alter your timing or recruit different muscles to protect the ones that are sore, then it’s probably good to back off. Practice makes permanent so you don’t want to be practicing improper mechanics and/or timing. Recruiting different muscles or even the normal muscles but out of sequence can expose you to an increased chance of injury.

even lite weights jobes for ex. stop this as well? or hould weight be cut and reps reduced.

you shouldnt be this sore after about 1-2 weeks of a new lifting program. Take it easy until the first week or two are over and let your body adjust. Its fine to work through moderate soreness.

My bad. I somehow thought you were asking about pitching/throwing when sore from working out. Listen to Lanky.

either way. sore in general

Your question leaves the door wide open for other questions that are far more definitive and specific.

For example

Soreness in the back - where in the back?
Soreness in the arm - where in the arm, and which arm?
Soreness after you’ve sustained an injury - what injury, where?
Soreness from lack of preparation prior to your last appearance/workout?
Soreness that is recurring - why?
Soreness due to overuse - under what circumstances?
Soreness that you’ve coped with in the past - what did you do then?
Soreness due to your overall physical condition - are you in shape?
What’s your diet like - running out of steam due to poor eating habits is one of the biggest contributor to soreness and injuries, after poor form and overuse.

I could list many other question, but these will do for now.

Coach B.

I would have to go with D all of the above lol. Mostly out of shape and over used.

In no way is this response to your question about soreness meant to embarrass you or put you on the defensive. I’ve never responded to any player during my coaching career in that way. Also, the wording of your question suggests that your not seven (7) years old, however I could be wrong. So, my questions were directed to someone that would have the maturity to respond to a very serious question that deserved a serious answer.

I deliberately asked the questions that I did to focus a little deeper into the why and what-for of a condition that can sometimes lead to circumstances that are both unpleasant and difficult.

But before I respond in a way that highlights the above, I’d like to direct your attention to the responses that you have thus far. All of those responses were sincere, wishing you nothing but the best possible outcome, and making you feel that your question warranted merit- and it did.
Not once did anyone ask you “how come”, because their sincerity was purely directed with goodwill and your best interests at heart.

Now for my approach. You responded by answering “D- all of the above”. With respect to “all of the above”, there were situations on that list that weren’t complimentary. In fact, a couple were down right acts of complacency, laziness, and neglectful of one’s purpose in this game and to his/her teammates and coaching staff.

On the training field or during game time, respond to “soreness” with the answer “all of the above” on day one, there won’t be a day two.

I you browse the “topics” section along the information bar at the top of this web page you’ll find an excellent section that deals with the very subject that you were asking about and how to avoid said same.

Coach B.

At no time was that meant to be a disrespectful answer. I am at work and don’t have the time to write a book to all your questions. So that being said I apologize if you felt that way it wasn’t no way in shape or form made to offend you. That being said my answer was very vague because I can relate to all those questions. For the most part me being out of shape and over used recently is the reason for my soreness. I know that physical attributes are different from person to person.

To sum it up I am looking more for a answer in regards to starting a work out. I just started playing again and this is probably the main reason but I am trying to be more serious about my health and my pitching ability.

Again I’m sorry for the lousy response I just think that all these question had some effect on me. Thanks Coach.

Understood - thank you.

Coach B.