Working on the baseball

Our club team at Wright State University plays in the NCBA and of course they’ve had their own baseballs made for the league. The balls that we play with don’t even feel like they’re real or have any leather. They’re more like those fake plastics with a coat of wax over the top of them. Once in a bullpen I tried pitching a curveball and there was literally no break. I ended up just rubbing the ball with my hands for about 10 minutes and then found the break that I was looking for. So, prior to a game, I was wondering if it was all right to throw the ball into the dirt of the mound and get it a little dirty for better grip? Or maybe even just rub my hands along it for a while. I know that they say this is illegal in the majors where any sort of scratches or smears on the ball required immediate replacement. And if the pitcher did it himself then the umpire would immdiately warn the pitcher or toss him from the game.

Defacing the ball is illegal. Throwing it on the ground is illegal, but you can rub off “extraneous coating.” So, using your hands is okay, as long as you don’t cut it with your nails.

Awesome thanks, Odin, I appreciate your help.

All big league balls are “rubbed” up before they are even put into play. Those things are not pearls when a pitcher gets them. As a matter of fact, every professional baseball is rubbed up before put into action.