Working on losing weight, how much will it help performance?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, how’s everyone doing?

Anyways, over the spring semester of school and first part of summer I have put on a lot of weight. A lot of it has to do with traveling a lot and eating unhealthily.

I weighed 237 (I’m somewhere between 6’ 1" and 6’ 2") after returning from a month long visit with a friend. I played some ball with his men’s league team. A few people had radar guns and I was clocked throwing around 74 to 75 mph, and I played pretty well.

I’ve been home for close to a month and have already lost 8 pounds and an inch off of my waist. I did my weekly weigh in this morning and weighed 229. My goal is to be down to 195 or 200 by the time we start playing next spring.

I had a lot of fun playing at UWyo this last season but I really want to increase the amount of games I play and amount of innings I pitch.

My diet has been sort of a high protein, low carb kind of diet. Most of my daily activity has been walking the dogs and taking care of pigs, I plan on getting into a consistent workout routine when I go back to school, since I’ll have a lot of work to do with our fair and it’ll be tough to be consistent right now.

But anyways, how much do you think 30 pounds or so of weight loss will effect my performance? Will it help my velocity and bat speed? Will it help me get quicker and more agile? Will it help my endurance? etc.

edit: Probably should have mentioned, body fat % is all the way up to 24% (yikes)

Everyone’s different. It should help you be healthier, more flexible and stronger if you do the right drills and exercises.

Prime example #1 Brett Cecil for the Jays came into camp 30lbs. lighter, said he was in the best shape of his life and expected his FB to come back, he was and still is only barely breaking 90 compared to when he came up 92-94.

Prime example #2 Melky Cabrera came in 20lbs. lighter then last year and look at what he’s doing and he’s giving all the credit to coming in prepared and in a healthier weight.

Prime example #3 C.C. Sabathia showed up last year trim and down about 20lbs. the first half of the year he was great the second half he put on about 15 of what he lost and wasn’t as sharp.

Prime example #4 Miggy Cabrera… Puts weight on takes weight off doesn’t effect his game whatsoever.


Thanks for the information Wales!

Guess it’s not gonna hurt either way.

Best-case scenario it helps me improve the way it helped Melky and I’m a 10 times better player.

Worst-case scenario I look and feel better and feel more confident.

I never noticed Miggy Cabrera’s weight gain and loss but you’re right, maybe it doesn’t effect some people that much.

Yeah man just even do a Google image search of Miggy when he was with FLA and compare it to when he’s been in DET his weight is like a yo-yo.

Drop the extra poundage and like you said worst case scenario your more confident, which will help your game, its amazing how much better you do and feel when you’re more confident ib yourself.

What so funny jammers?

Your examples are funny.

Worse off, better off, not much difference, no difference.

I was mostly laughing at Cabrera because he could lose like 30-40 lbs and still somehow he plays everyday (at a very high level).

I guess the same goes for Sabathia - big gut - big paycheck.

I hear ya man