Working on Curve Ball Mechanics


My son turned 13 years old last week. He is 5’ 10’’ and weights 130 lbs, He has been able to get batters out with a plus 2 and 4 seamer at every level he has played. We are working on a curve ball for spring season. Let me know what you all think of his mechanics of his curve ball, if he’s on the right track.

Evan & Mike


mechanics are good, and the curve has really good drop to it


Is that at 50’ or 60’?




Mechanics look good, gets a lot of depth on that Curveball. I see this kid going places.


I can’t really see enough in the video to judge mechanics. But the title of this post seems to indicate that curve ball mechanics are different than, say, fast ball mechanics so I’m curious to hear what people think those differences are.


I will try to get better video from the side in the future and add it to this tread. I thought his curve ball mechanics where good but am not an expert and love this sites opinions.


Thanks I appreciate that.


No worries.


You should have titled it check out my sons wicked curve ball. It is impressive. If he got them out with the 2-4 seamer looks like it’s going to be lights out this spring.


thanks for the kind words


I hear a lot of people say to stride farther when throwing a curve. Adam Wainwright says he tries to cut himself “in half” when he throws one (in reference to his arm hitting at roughly his belt). I never really changed my mechanics from fastball to curveball.


It was a great spring/summer for Evan he froze a lot of batters with his curve ball and gained a lot of velocity on all of his pitches. The 2-seam from topping out at 67 to topping out at 78, The 4-seam from topping out at 70 to topping out at 79 and the curve ball from topping out at 60 to topping out at 69. He was picked to represent the 13U Florida Region for team USA in Cary, NC next month.